25 June 2015

1,000 Follower Spectacular - Day 5

It's here, it's here! I finally made it to 1,000 followers. I'm so excited! I wanted to have a small huge celebration. So big it would take an entire week to celebrate! Each day will includes spectacular new games, $1 Deals & freebie steals, and much, much more! You can find out more with in my 1,000 Follower Spectacular Invitation.

Let's begin with the Gift Card giveaway of the Day! Today, you can win a Yearly License to my TPT Store for the upcoming school year. I offer my ppt games individual and in bundles, but a yearly license guarantees you all the games for the school year. You can check out more here.



Today's $1 Deal is for 4th grade teachers. I love math especially when Geometry (I took Geometry Honors class in high school). I love working with plane figures, lines, rays, etc. one my favorites to teach when I taught 5th grade.

In this "Write and Wipe" game, students are identifying lines, line segments, rays, and points. This games is played with whiteboards and dry-eraser markers.

25 questions in all. A very simple and easy game to use for everyone. Perfect for a whole class review or a game to play if you're absent.


Get on sale all this week for $1.

Today's freebie is about the Moon. Yesterday,  I released a solar system mini game. Let's stay a little closer to home.

In this game, students are naming the different phases of the moon. The first 8 questions ask students identify the phase. Questions 9 and 10 ask students to tell what phase comes after a given phase.

 You can get this game for free all this week.

That's all for today. Be sure to stop by my Facebook page for some flash freebies starting at/around 5 pm EST. Click "Get Notifications" so you'll know when they start!

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