29 September 2015

Football Freebie Frenzy - Week #3

 photo Football Freebie Frenzy_zpsugigmg74.png

Welcome to Week #3 of my weekly Football Freebie Frenzy! All Football season long, you can linky up freebies for your Favorite sports team's victory. You can check out previous weeks here:

Week #1
Week #2

My Carolina Panthers are on fire! They're 3-0,  beating the Saints. I bet Erin from Lovin Lit is pretty anger. I know my friend Teresa is equally so. She actually went to the game! Because of their victory, you get a freebie!

 photo Cover_zps1kz1vvy5.png

A companion to the Letter's Race, this space themed game practice counting to 20 using flash cards.

 photo Pic 1_zpsbxxehm9b.png

 photo Pic 2_zpsuxopr2k4.png

 photo Pic 3_zps3xkpqa25.png

This game includes numbers 1 to 20 and includes a space theme with rocket ships, aliens, and planet. Your students will love practicing with this set. You can get this set here.

Don't forget to stop by other blogs and grab some other freebies.

27 September 2015

Managing your TPT Store with the Ultimate Planner!

Planning your TPT store can be a hassle. Finding the right planner can be even more of a hassle. With so many things to manage and so many different forms to choose from, I decided to make one for myself!

In 2014-2015, I created a planner to help my TPT business. You can read about the previous TPT seller here. It's been over a year since I made it and many things have changed including my store colors, logos, and new social media. I've made a similar planner for TPT sellers in my TPT store. I uploaded it and designed it online at Office Depot/Office Max. It arrived on the second to last day of estimated delivery but there was something wrong: it was all in color. I wasn't going to complain. I paid for only a few pages to be in color and the rest black and white. Believe me when I say getting 150+ pages in color can be expensive ($70 and up). I was happy with the mistake.

Here's the cover. It's in my store colors. It's a "Glossy Supreme" Cardstock cover.

 photo IMG_1516_zpsjl2ufqhn.jpg

The next page includes my store information. After that, the next page includes the table of contents and "The Dream". The "Table of Contents" is wrong, but I knew only a few people would actually see it. Never imagined Office Depot would send me an extra one. "The Dream" is a story about myself and why I became a teacher in the first place. Sort of motivation.

 photo IMG_1517_zps8lvkqq2s.jpg

The next page started the actual planner. It includes the months from September 2015  to September 2016. Each month is in color, lists all the major holidays, the start of a new season, and reminders of when a new month of promotions opens up on TPT (the 20th of every month). Since this was mine, I added in a few reminders for myself (like mini game releases every 15th of the month). It also includes a "Notes" section for you to write down any notes for that month. I use it to write down product topics that sell really well that month. At the bottom, there's a quote to help motivate you.

 photo IMG_1518_zpsl2slevle.jpg

 photo IMG_1522_zpsrmpczkgu.jpg

 photo IMG_1523_zpshqv7acgn.jpg

 photo IMG_1524_zpsfptrifur.jpg

 photo IMG_1525_zpst0ycsjbi.jpg

 photo IMG_1526_zpszmdag3ef.jpg

 photo IMG_1527_zpstu05blhr.jpg

 photo IMG_1528_zpsbfnxjksv.jpg

 photo IMG_1529_zpslowuggoo.jpg

 photo IMG_1530_zpszdzwrkb4.jpg

 photo IMG_1531_zpshfrgxcxh.jpg

Behind each month is a set of different sheets. First is the Monthly Blog Planner and the Monthly Giveaway Planner.

 photo IMG_1519_zpsexqj1zy1.jpg

The Monthly Blog Planner lays out every single day of the month and allows you plan when you wish to write a new blogpost. This is great for long term planning and if you participate in blog hops, linky parties, and more.

The Monthly Giveaway planner helps to remind you of any giveaways you signed up for or plan to do. This is perfect for tax time because every donation your make or giveaway you do is tax deductible.

Next pages include the Weekly Planner and the Monthly Overview.

 photo IMG_1521_zps8kpnabqe.jpg

In the Weekly Planner, there are 5 pages for the Weekly Planner (one for each week of the month). Each sheet has a space for each day of the week and what product you'd like to work on. I tend to work on one project a day. There is space to write upcoming events (suchs as sales, giveaways, blog hops, etc). I made a "Games to Post" section to write what I needed to post. A helpful reminder. Last, there's space to let you know what blog posts are going out this week.

The monthly Overview is probably my favorite page! Here you can write down and keep track of your business each month. This includes followers on your social media pages, number of products and best sellers in your store, your income and expenses,  and TPT rankings. There's even an area for notes. You can read about taking end of the month inventory here.

The next section is a List of Ideas. Here you can write down any ideas you have throughout the year. There are 4 pages.

 photo IMG_1532_zpsnwwbcvdu.jpg

The next pages are lists of things to do "Before Posting a Product" and "After Posting a Product".

 photo IMG_1533_zps9inpvcal.jpg

These are reminders of what to do for your TPT products. It can be a little overwhelming so this will help to make sure your product is safe and protected. It also helps to get your product out there. You read more about "After Posting a Product" here.

Next, we have the "Weekend To-Do List" and "Game Requests".

 photo IMG_1534_zpsrhkautaa.jpg

Although I usually leave the weekends for family time, using the "Weekend To-Do List" is a great time to catch up on some things.

The "Game Request" page I made for myself because I am always asking my followers what they are working on and what they need. Sometimes they'll request a game and I write it down but lose it. This helps tremendously!

Next, we have pages where you can list your Short Term and Long Term goals. Pretty self exclamatory.

 photo IMG_1536_zps7fcwcsom.jpg

Next is the "Graph Game Questions" and "Milestones".

 photo IMG_1535_zps77un8pys.jpg

The "Graph Game Questions"  I made to help remind me of some of the questions I needed to make for all my graphing games. The "Milestones" page is self exclamatory as well.

Next, you have a Newsletter Tracker and Information sheet.

 photo IMG_1537_zps58zqwjmy.jpg

Here you can track your newsletter. I use Mailchimp to send out a weekly newsletter. You can use these pages to keep track of what letter you sent out, how many members it was sent to, and if you lost or gained more subscribers. The "Newsletter Info" sheet lets you write the date for each issue, what the topic was, and (for me) what freebie was included. You can sign up for my weekly newsletter here. It's free!

The last page is a Log-in and Password.
 photo IMG_1548_zpscr4jawyg.jpg

Here you can write down all your logs for your business. This includes the website, username, and hint. I chose hint just in case I lose the book or when I share the book.

The back is a Regency. I've used it before and it was very durable.

I love my planner. I can't imagine myself using anything else. I created a similar planner for TPT sellers. It's a one time purchase and updates from year to year (free of charge).

22 September 2015

Football Freebie Frenzy - Week #2

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Welcome to Week #2 of my weekly Football Freebie Frenzy! All Football season long, you can linky up freebies for your Favorite sports team's victory. You can check out Week #1's freebies here.

I'm so proud of my Carolina Panthers. Although it was a slow start, they managed to pull out a victory against Houston. The last 30 seconds of the game had me (and my family) on the edge of out seats!

 photo Carolina_Panthers_logo.svg_zpsosdka73m.png

This week's freebie is Tally Marks Powerpoint Game!

 photo Slide1_zpspyuizbvx.png

In this game, students answer questions about two tally mark graphs: Favorite Pizza Toppings and Afterschool Activities.

 photo Slide3_zpsuk6e7skh.png

There are 21 questions in all, including a tie breaker question. There are 10 questions per graph.

 photo Slide4_zpsbg3hro9z.png

 photo Slide5_zpsw490wmoe.png

 photo Slide14_zpslwfipac6.png

 photo Slide15_zpstulbcx5j.png

You can get this freebie here. Don't forget to leave some feedback! Don't forget to check out some more freebies from other teachers!

15 September 2015

Football Freebie Frenzy - Week #1

 photo Football Freebie Frenzy_zpsugigmg74.png

Welcome to my very first Linky Party! Football season is upon us! Rejoice! With that being said, here's this week's Football Freebie Frenzy products. Feel free to write and link up your blog post about your team!

Here's how this linky party works. First choose your favorite team. If they win, you'll post a freebie to your TPT store. If they lose, it will be discounted. Write a quick blog about your favorite team, their victory and describe what your freebie is. Come back and link up! Simple! Grab the Blog Header here. If you're still confused, here's mine:

I am a Carolina girl. A true blue Tar Heels fan. Naturally, I'm a Carolina Panthers fan! I'm happy for my team's first victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars.
 photo Carolina_Panthers_logo.svg_zpsosdka73m.png

Today's freebie: Alphabet Race - Identifying Uppercase Letters.

 photo Cover 2_zpsfxs0235b.png

This flash card powerpoint game is out of this world! Students can practice identifying uppercase letter of the Alphabet. 

 photo Slide1_zpsl6bbmj6s.png

 photo Slide2_zps1pbtwpx1.png

 photo Slide3_zpsensfopmn.png

This Powerpoint includes Macro that allows for the slides to be random every time. Great for individual practice!

You get this freebie here. Don't forget to leave some feedback! Don't forget to check out some more freebies from other teachers!

07 September 2015

September Monthly Newsletter

 photo Sept. Monthly Newsletter_zpsxlxv7kyh.png
Hello everyone! School is starting back up again. Most of you are back in the classroom with others only a few days left to prepare. I've been planning all August to get ready for the new school year. Here's what happening at Powerpoint Gaming this September.


 photo Seasonal Bundle Pre Sale_zpswun3nwqa.png

The first day of fall is right around the corner! Before we know it, the leaves will be changing colors and pumpkin flavored everything will reign supreme. If you've signed up for my weekly newsletter, you already know I have a variety games planned for this year. For my seasonal bundles, they will be on sale starting September 14. Be on the lookout for them!

 photo Bundle_zps628g2ocy.png

 photo Weekly Newlsetters_zpsxabsrlij.png

You can sign up for my weekly newsletter. By signing up, you'll receive tips, tricks, and updates on what new games and products I have planned. You'll also receive freebies that won't be on sale for a few months after they are released. Click the picture above or click here.

 photo Monthly Sale_zpscvviyaa1.png

 This month's annual sale will be September 18 through September 20. Don't forget to mark your calendars and stop by!

 photo September Sale_zpsxfs2c6fc.png

 photo Monthly Follower Freebie_zpsgmx350t8.png

Here's you Follower freebie for the month. I'm changing things up and will be doing worksheets. The mini games have moved to my Weekly Newsletter where the games will go directly to your inbox so if you're thinking about signing up, do it! Click the photo or click here to get it.

 photo Slide1_zpsyjov5thf.png

That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of your summer and enjoy your first day of school!


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