31 July 2015

What's in Your Cart Linky Party

 photo Lnky 1_zpsrs7y4lpi.jpg

I'm happy to share with you some great items to pick up from my TPT store as well as a few things I know I will be grabbing from some other sellers during the site wide TPT Sale. With only a limited time frame of 2 days, it's time to grab them and grab them quickly!

The first item I would grab is my Powerpoint Game Permanent License.

 photo Cover 3_zpsgvbzkriq.png

This license entitles you to all the powerpoint games I have ever made! It also grants you access to any and all games that I make in the future. I've already made over 200 games for grades K through 6th. Though they are mostly math games, I plan to largely expand to reading, writing, science, and social studies this year. This would grant you access to those games and more for the rest of your life.

If you're not so sure and you want something a little smaller you can purchase a yearly license (which guarantees at least 25 games).

 photo Yearly License_zpsh7ldwc7y.png

Next up, I would get this Beginning Sounds Bundle. This bundle comes with 4 games. Your students will love playing theses games with you or by themselves as a phonics/literacy center.

 photo Cover_zpsr4hwo2bl.png

There are 4 games in this bundle. Each games asks for a beginning sound that matches a picture, but each in a different way. The first game displays the entire word, except for the first letter. The second game asks you to match the picture with 3 letter choices. The third game asks you to match letter sound to 3 pictures (opposite of the second). The last game is a bingo game. Students match the picture with the letter sound on their bingo cards. There are 30+ bingo cards, call sheets and cards, and includes a blank card to create your own game.

 photo Beginning Sounds Bundle Gif_zpsbkgixwal.gif

Each game can be purchased separately, but you can save more when you purchase the bundle. Great to use throughout the entire school year.

Lastly, you need to prepare before the first day of school so I would buy this Editable Open House Presentation.

 photo Cover_zps7blstgco.png

Ah, open house. A time for teachers to meet their students and parents. A time for parents and students to meet the teacher. A time to get a quick glance at the classroom and get through all that beginning of the year paperwork! You can easy through that transition with the powerpoint presentation.

 photo Open House Gif_zpsjqdr51sy.gif

This 15 slide presentation shows your students and parents information about your classroom. Includes slides about classroom rules, schedule, school supplies, homework policy, behavior plans and more. Best of all, it's editable so you can change the fonts and colors. A great start to the school year for only $2.00.

There are definitely a few stores I will be stopping by during the TPT Sale. Most of it will be clip and fonts, but I'll be grabbing a few bundles here and there.

I'll definitely by stopping by Whimsy Clips' store. I love her clip art, especially for ELA. They are so clear and easy to read orsee.

Whimsy Clips

I'll also be purchasing some more font licenses from KG Fonts. I love her fonts so much. I try my hardest to buy font licenses from her during a sale. That's when her license drops down to about $4 and since I buy $20 worth, I can get 5 fonts instead of 4 fonts during a sale.

 photo kgfontsminilogo3_zpsvpzow5sw.png

These are in my shopping cart. What's in yours?

24 July 2015

Create an AWESOME Coupon Book!

Do you have coupons or reward tickets in your classroom? Here's a fun way to organize all those coupons and reward tickets you give out to your students in 5 easy steps.
Here's everything you'll need to make your book:
  • Coupons/ Reward Tickets
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Scrapbook Scissors (Optional)

Step 1: Print it!
Print out your coupons. There are several different coupons/reward tickets on TPT. You can purchase my coupon book for only $2.

Step 2: Cut it!
Cut out each coupon/reward ticket. With my coupons, simply cut on the dotted lines.

Step 3: Organize it!
Add whatever coupon/reward tickets you like. Choose the ones that apply to your class. You don't want a coupon for "Free Smartboard Time" if you don't have a Smartboard in your classroom! Line up the solid black lines as best you can.

Step 4: Staple it!
Staple the book together in the center left-hand side.

Step 5: Perforate it!
Here the tricky part! Open the book. Cut about 1 inch into the solid black line on the top AND bottom of each coupon. DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH. There should be about 1 inch of paper still there. Depending on how many coupons/reward tickets you have, you can cut them all at once. You can use the Scrap paper scissors  for cool wavy designs.

Create books to give out to your students or create a book of the same coupon and hand them out as you go! You can purchase my coupon book which includes 15 different rewards.

I hope you enjoyed this "Create it" tutorial. Now's your chance to win a copy of my "Classroom Coupon Book". Giveaway ends 7-27-2015!

13 July 2015

Viva Las Vegas! A TPT Conference Linky Party

I'm so happy to join The Elementary Entourage's blog hop! I went to the TPT Conference in Las Vegas and loved every minute of it. Here are some of my favorite (or not so favorite)  moments from this trip.
The Plane Ride
This was my 2nd flight. I had only done it once before and with friends, but here I was traveling alone and literally across the country (from NC). My first flight for Charlotte was ok, but the 2nd was awful! I got on the plane, but had to sit there for about 2 hours before the plane actually took flight. Let's not even mention the headache and queasiness of the 4 hour flight. =(
The Palazzo Hotel Lobby
When I arrived at the Palazzo, I was beyond amazed. Never had I imaged I was going to stay in such a wonderful place. While I waited to check in, I snapped this awesome picture of the fountain in the lobby. Later on, I took some snaps outside.



My Hotel Room!
I haven't been to Las Vegas since I was a little kid. My dad was stationed in Barstow, California and we traveled to Las Vegas twice. Each time, we stayed in a small hotel. When I went here for the conference and saw my room, I was


The Palazzo Hotel!
After settling in, I decided to take a walk and get some great photos! This was the walking area before you head to the Grand Mal Shoppes.


After a ride up the elevator, you come to the wonderful Grand Mall Shoppes. I was amazed! Never thought I'd see something so wonderful!

Everything was inside so no need to worry about rain!

You can even ride the gondolas around the entire shop.

I stopped by a few shops to see some wonderful items. I went into a Michaels Kors shop (because that's all my mom and sister obsess over) and watched a baker at Carlo's Bakery (Cake Boss!).

I even went to a candy shop with oversized candy boxes! Insane!

Yes, that is a regular sized can even if it is a can of Gummy Bears!

I met some wonderful sellers at the conference include Kelly Malloy of "An Apple for the Teacher" and Kathleen Guleksen of "A+ Kids". I even got to meet Laine Sutherland from "A Little Peace of Africa" who made my business cards, logo, and blog. They have become life-long friends! Wish I had gotten a picture with them, but I know next year, I definitely will. I did get to meet Deanna Jump. I joked with her that I had never had a picture with a millionaire before.

Lastly, I live with my sister and her family. My sister didn't want me to go.  She didn't know what she would do without me (aka missing me too much). So Thursday morning, she was going to give her kids some cereal for breakfast. Instead, they wanted pancakes. Usually, I'm the one who makes pancakes or waffles so when I wasn't there, my niece (2) and my nephews (4 and 6) took it upon themselves to make pancakes.

My sister snapped this shot and sent it to me while at the conference (during the Opening TPT Keynote on Thursay).
I loved to trip and couldn't wait to go again! Click the link to see more Las Vegas fun from more sellers!

06 July 2015

Ready for Vegas!

I don't know about you, but I am so pumped up for the TPT Conference. I have ordered everything I need (Conference wise) and now am waiting to buy a new wardrobe for the conference. Here's what I've got so far.

1.) Business Cards
I love my business cards! I have to give a shout out to A Little Peace of Africa.  She did my cards so beautifully and they turned out great! I ordered them via Vista Print and they came about a week later.

2.) Button
Let's put a face to a name. Unless you have your picture as your logo, no one will know who you are. I'll be wearing this each day I'm there so everyone will know what my store name is. I used my logo and ordered it at Zazzle.com.

3.) Stickers
I thought this might be a good consideration if I don't hand out business cards. Anyone bringing a sticker book?

4.) Binder with Card Holders
When collecting all those business cards, I need somewhere to put them.  There are 10 sheets and each sheet has 9 pockets. I can hold a total of 90 cards (180 if I use front and back). I got this from Walmart.

5.) Conference Notebook
This wonderful notebook will help me keep notes will at the conference. There's about 15 pages and the cover is nice with a glossy shine. This will be used for any notes and an address book (in case I run out of space in my binder). I made the cover  and ordered it at Zazzle.com.

6.) Tote Bag
I need something to carry this in! Why not a tote bag. I included my logo and my slogan at the bottom. I ordered this at Zazzle.com.

7.) Conference Notebook
I made this book which contains all my conference handouts. About 90% of it is in color. I printed them out at home (after buying some ink for $30) and went to staples to have it spiral -bound for only $5. It has a clear cover and a regency back (a tough black material used as the back of most planners). In all, it cost about $35. Saved about $20 if I had had Staples do everything.

So tell me, who's ready to meet me? I'm so ready to meet my fellow TPTers and bloggers! Just wish I could meet some of my followers too! Counting down the days!



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