26 February 2016

GoFundMe Project - Games and Technology in the Classroom

Greetings, everyone!

My name is Chandra Martin, a brand new teacher with 3 years’ experience.  I love working with children all of ages, particularly the younger students. I'm fulfilling my dream of becoming a teacher. I want to raise money to purchase a Portable Interactive Whiteboard and projector. This will allow me to create better interactive games for students and teachers in the classroom all over the world.  =)

At the end of my 3rd year of teaching in NC, I started having seizures at random times. Because of this and to not traumatize any students, I made the ultimate decision to stop teaching in the classroom until I know why the seizures are occurring. I was heart-broken and miss it terribly every single day. I have a few pictures from my classroom trip the a Natural History Museum.

A past student on a field trip to a museum.

Students searching for fossils at the museum.

 I wanted to continue to inspire and pass on the values I have learned thus far in my lifetime so I decided to open a small TeachersPayTeachers store. I started to make money and also help children grow and learn from afar. Although the money has been helpful, it cannot pay for all the medical bills that continue to pile up. I barely made the funds to make ends meet, but with the help of my store, it has slowly helped. Thankfully, nothing horrible has been found (no tumors, diseases, or cancer) and am continuing to find out why these seizures occur. 

My TeachersPayTeachers Store Business Card.

I want to raise money to purchase a Portable Interactive Whiteboard and Epson projector from Amazon.com or Staples/OfficeMax. This will allow me to creative better interactive games for students and teachers in the classroom.  As a child, I often struggled in school, especially reading, but with the help of my teachers, I was able to receive my diploma and my Bachelor’s degree in Education.

My 2nd grade classroom in 2013.

I'm having a Chain-link Challenge! For every $1 donated, I will connected 25 paper chain-links together. Each chain link represents each students. The average class size ranges from 20 to 30 students so $1 donated equals 1 classroom you have helped. The more you donate the more chain links I connect and the more students you help!

Here's a video better explaining the challenge:

If you could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I cannot go to Donorschoose because I am not currently in the classroom. I would love to receive the funds to make this wonderful dream purchase as soon as possible. I would be grateful for any donation you make. You will make a difference in my life and countless children all over the world.

If you'd like to make a donation, you can donate here on my official page.

18 February 2016

Featured Game: Making 10

Each month, I will feature a new product that is great for the classroom. This month: Making 10.

Practicing addition is a basic skill for kindergartners. This games reinforces those skills in a fun, interactive way.

This game is a teacher versus student game. The students answer all the questions and if they get the answer correct, they get the points, but if they get it wrong, I get the points! Great motivator!

Students are given an addition problem with an addend and a missing addend that equals to 10.

Students work out the problems and give their answer. They click on the "Answer Button" to see if they are correct. Then, they click on "Scoreboard" to choose another question to answer.

There are 20 questions in all. It even includes a type-in scoreboard that is used while in "Slideshow Mode."

You can get this game here: Making Ten Powerpoint Game. Makes a great whole class activity, whether you're there or the substitute is there! Here what other teachers are saying:
"My students LOVE this game! They beg to play every day. Thanks so much!" - Donnalyn T.

"Great resource to practice this standard. Perfect for leaving for a sub."  -Kendria M.

Don't forget to check out my other "Making 10" games including seasonal and holiday themed games.

A special thank you to Mercedes for taking these wonderful pictures for me!

07 February 2016

Super Link Up & Giveaway

It's Sunday, Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday! This has to be the best Sunday of the year! I'm excited to link up with some football-crazy teachers as we present "A Super Link Up & Giveaway". I look forward to some great Panther football and you can look forward to some awesome teaching ideas and scoreboard some sweet classroom gear!


Here's a fun set of classroom games to help out your Kindergartners. Learning your ABC's can be tough, but these fun Teacher vs Students games will give them some much needed motivation! Beginning Sounds Game Set #1

There are 4 games in the bundle. Each game has a unique style and is on sale individually. Your students will enjoy playing against you and each other in each game. 26 questions in each game. One for each letter of the alphabet.

Game #1 - Starting with the basics, this game give each student a single picture. They must figure out what the beginning sound is. They are given the word with the first letter missing. Great for beginners.

Game #2 - The second game give student an image and they must choose between 3 letters. This game is for your struggling students who have yet to recognize all the letters in the alphabet and need a letter visual.

Game #3 - The third game is perfect for assessments. The opposite of game #2, students are given a single letter and must choose from 3 images. This is includes a multiple choice system (Choose A, B, or C). Great to use for testing.

Game #4 - The fourth game is a Bingo! game. Using all 26 letters of alphabet, students match pictures on a powerpoint with letters on their bingo board. There are 34 bingo cards, each with its own set of chips that students can color and cut.   

You can win this game by entering below. You'll also be enter to win Super products from our sponsors.

1 lucky winner will get this awesome package of Super goodies!

What are you waiting for? Enter today and feel like the Super Bowl MVP! Don't forget to stop by other blogs for more goodies to win!

05 February 2016

February Monthly Newsletter

Happy February! January has come and gone and February is here to stay! Here what's going on this month!

Monthly Sale
My monthly sale takes place February 19th through February 21st. A perfect time get some St. Patrick's Day products. Everything's on sale at 15% off!

Weekly Newsletter
Did you know that you can get mini powerpoint games for free? Every week I send out a newsletter with weekly updates, powerpoint tips, and free mini powerpoint games. They go with the monthly follower freebie on teacherspayteachers AND with my weekly freebie on Facebook. The best things in life are free. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Follower Freebie
Last but not least, your monthly follower freebie, Be sure to grab it before Feb. 29! This's month's them is Mixed numbers!

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and see you next month!


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