30 January 2014

Giveaway Winner, Youtube, and Snow and Hail and Ice, OH MY!

Giveaway Winner!

First of all, special thanks to all you entered my 50 Likes Giveaway. The winner is

Ruth E.
Ruth, please check your email for your prize. Enjoy! Stay tuned for more Giveaways. When I get 100 followers on TPT (34 away) or 100 Likes on Facebook (68 away), I'll be doing a HUGE giveaway with over 50 items for grabs or a TPT gift certificate.

I'm on YouTube

I'm on YouTube! That's right. I'm working on videos about some of my products. Recently, I made a video displaying my 31 Valentine's day Backgrounds so that you can all 31 backgrounds. I'm quite proud of them, my favorite being the stained glass. Take a look!
These backgrounds are on sale for $3 in my TPT store here.

Snow, and Hail and Ice, OH MY! 

I live in North Carolina. We don't get a lot a snow. It would be a blessing to see it fail, let alone sit to the ground and have no school. We were release early Tuesday with the anticipation of ice and snow by 3:00. Alas, not snow or ice. In fact, there were hardly any snow clouds and a bit a sunshine. I went to bed, thinking, I guess I'll go to school tomorrow. I woke up to a winter wonderland! School was cancel Wednesday, Today and tomorrow!

Blog Updates:

I'll be working on my blog this weekend so don't be alarmed if you come back and its looking different! 

21 January 2014

Valentine's Day and 50 Likes Giveaway

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Boy, have I been a busy bee. This week, I want to share with you all my Valentine's Day products. To celebrate 50 likes on Facebook, I'm doing a giveaway. Check out the bottom to enter. There are 5 products I created for Valentine's Day this year so far and I'm very pleased with the all. For the contest, I will be giving away all 5 of them . Some took some effort. Other, not so much. I'll explain each one. They are all available on TeacherspayTeachers for $1 or $2 each. Also, I will be creating a bundle of all my Valentine's Day products for a cheaper price. Be sure to look for it in the future!

Valentine's Day Bingo


I love bingo and holiday editions are even better. I got my real notice on TpT for my powerpoint games. My goal is to try and produce one PPT per week. This week, I made a Valentine's day Bingo PPT game. This includes 24 unique bingo cards and a bingo calling sheet. They are 3 x 3 squares for a bingo can be call fast, but only by 2 or 3 students at a time. There are pictures with words under them for the younger student. I made a Christmas version of this and one of my purchased stated that she let her students run the whole game giving her time to relax.

Valentine's Day Word Play

Math is a favorite subject, but every once and a while, I'll try and make some ELA products. For this, I created Valentine's day word play games. Students must come up with as many word as they can from the phases "Valentine's Day" and "February fourteenth". I made letter cards for students so that they can physically find them. This helps some of my more low performing students.


Valentine's Day Backgrounds and Frames

 Knocking out 2 products in one paragraph, I've be obsessed with creating backgrounds and frames for the worksheets I create. I made quite a few. In fact, I made about 40 patterns and added color to them. Quick and easy. The frames were a little different. I had to find some clip art and I made most of my own. For the more difficult ones, mycutegraphics.com was blessing.

Valentine's Day Writing Paper


For Christmas, I made from writing paper. I did the same for valentine's day. There are 3 types this time instead of 2 like the Christmas paper. I have lined paper with just lines and a border for 3rd through 5th grade. For Kindergarten through 2nd, I made 2 types. The first has lines with a dotted line in the middle. The 2nd has a drawing box at the top and the same lines below. This way, students can draw a picture as well.


For the giveaway, fill out the various entries below. I will give you until Sunday, January 26, 2014 at midnight to enter. I will announce the winner on Facebook! Until then!

Class dismissed!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

11 January 2014

First time Promo, Stupendous Story Elements, and PPT Games

First time Promo!

I've been on TpT since 2011. 2 years since I found this wonderful website. Today, I tried something risky but in the end, I think it was worth it. On TpT, you can promote your products and was always anxious. It seemed like a long shot. What if it doesn't pay off? What if you don't make any sales?

I'm glad I waited til now.

I waited until I had a good enough product to attract sellers. Boy, did I score with this one. I made a Kindergarten bundle that includes over 100 worksheets and a few games. I based everything on the common core and looking at examples from a pdf our state gave us. I was impressed with myself  when it was finished.

Kindergarten Math Winter Packet

I decided it would be good to promote my first grade-level appropriate bundle. I posted my product and it was slowly viewed. Within a week, someone wish listed it, which made me smile. When the first teacher purchased it, I was overjoyed. When another person purchased, I was relieved. It decided: let's promote it!

There were many reasons why I waited to so long to promote something on TpT was: 1.) I didn't know how, 2.)I didn't think I had a really good product worth promoting yet, 3.) I was scared and nervous, and 4.) I didn't have a lot on income from the products on TpT.

Now it's up and teachers are purchasing it left and right! Very please with myself that I'm currently working on 2nd grade math. I completed 1st Grade a few days ago and its up and available.

Great Finds-Stupendous Story Elements

Switching from Non-fiction or fiction is an easy task. Finding worksheets and organizers for them, not so much. There are a lot of websites that offer free organizers that are plain and simple. I came across this while searching for some new organizers. This 34 page pdf includes worksheets, templates, posters, even a game for students to play during snack time. These worksheets are more appeasing to the eyes than traditional organizers. Anything to keep students engaged. Best of all: its free!

My featured Product - 3rd Grade Fraction Jeopardy-Like PowerPoint Game

My best seller! This PowerPoint game I created while I was a 3-5 tutor. It's a jeopardy review game that covers all areas of fractions for 3rd grade including identifying fractions, fraction of a set, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, ordering fractions, and add/subtract fractions. There's even a type in scoreboard for you to keep while in "Slideshow Mode". The boxes disappear after you've click on them to eliminate repeat questions. 30 questions in all. Perfect for review. All this for only $1.

Class Dismissed!

05 January 2014

Obsessions, clipart, covers, pencils, and more

Fighting Obsession

Recently, I looked at the TpT Forum and someone asked how do you fight obsession? I completely understood what they meant. Last night, I stayed up for a good while just making covers for my Pinterest boards. When you think about it, that's a lot of boards. I have 24. First it started with 3 or four. You know, that basics: math, reading, science, and social studies, but my OCD dictated that EVERYONE LOOK SIMILAR. So making only 4 turned into 24.


Making covers for my Pinterest Board lead me to a website, mycutegraphics.com. This site has amazing clip art. Now don't get me wrong. I love making my own clip art, but this way much faster and it wasn't for sale so why not. If you haven't checked it out, please do so.


The backgrounds I made also gave me another obsession. I haven't put them up for sale yet, but rest assured, when I come up with at least 20 design, they will be available to buy and customize.


Great Finds - Winning the Pencil War - An Effective Management System


While pinning, I came across this classroom management technique that I am dying to try. Every teacher has that issue with pencils. Either not enough, they're not sharpened, students lose them, or finding them on the floor. This system can eliminate that problems.

It requires a pencil pouch or box and 8 pencils. Basically, students get 8 pencils a week. If all 8 pencils are in the box, students get a prize. If not, no prize. Each students has a pouch/box.

This product is available on TPT and best of all : FREE!

Here's the link:Winning the Pencil War - An Effective Management System

My Featured Product-Snowball Mini Math Pack


This Mini Math pack has math worksheets that include counting to 20, numbers before, after, and in between, and even or odd numbers. It's a simple math pack that's great for substitute. Works with grades K through 2 and is common core aligned.

 Here's the link:Snowball Mini Math Pack

Class Dismissed!

02 January 2014

How my Blog Works

Setting up my blog.

Second post. Yay! I've decided that my second post with give you insight as to how my Blog will work. I've broken down my blog into 3 sections: Main Story, Great Finds, and My Featured Product.

Main Story
This will be the main story of the day/week. It will be some discussions on school topics or recent events. Some informal, some entertaining, and those sorts of things. I promise to keep it short. No one wants a novel, just a short story. I'll post a link to my blog on my facebook whenever it's posted.

Great Finds
I'm always pinning on the TpT forum. There are really some great stuff out there. I will be talking about a product and  about the teacher auther a little bit. I'll post a link to the item and the store for you to look at yourself.

My Featured Product
Let's face it. We have to promote ourselves a little. I have over 200 products in my TpT store. I will feature one of my products from my store, providing links and a description

I've giving much thought as to how to do a blog. Again, still figuring the kinks, but hopefully this is be a successful as my TpT store.

Class Dismissed!


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