02 January 2014

How my Blog Works

Setting up my blog.

Second post. Yay! I've decided that my second post with give you insight as to how my Blog will work. I've broken down my blog into 3 sections: Main Story, Great Finds, and My Featured Product.

Main Story
This will be the main story of the day/week. It will be some discussions on school topics or recent events. Some informal, some entertaining, and those sorts of things. I promise to keep it short. No one wants a novel, just a short story. I'll post a link to my blog on my facebook whenever it's posted.

Great Finds
I'm always pinning on the TpT forum. There are really some great stuff out there. I will be talking about a product and  about the teacher auther a little bit. I'll post a link to the item and the store for you to look at yourself.

My Featured Product
Let's face it. We have to promote ourselves a little. I have over 200 products in my TpT store. I will feature one of my products from my store, providing links and a description

I've giving much thought as to how to do a blog. Again, still figuring the kinks, but hopefully this is be a successful as my TpT store.

Class Dismissed!

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