21 January 2014

Valentine's Day and 50 Likes Giveaway

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Boy, have I been a busy bee. This week, I want to share with you all my Valentine's Day products. To celebrate 50 likes on Facebook, I'm doing a giveaway. Check out the bottom to enter. There are 5 products I created for Valentine's Day this year so far and I'm very pleased with the all. For the contest, I will be giving away all 5 of them . Some took some effort. Other, not so much. I'll explain each one. They are all available on TeacherspayTeachers for $1 or $2 each. Also, I will be creating a bundle of all my Valentine's Day products for a cheaper price. Be sure to look for it in the future!

Valentine's Day Bingo


I love bingo and holiday editions are even better. I got my real notice on TpT for my powerpoint games. My goal is to try and produce one PPT per week. This week, I made a Valentine's day Bingo PPT game. This includes 24 unique bingo cards and a bingo calling sheet. They are 3 x 3 squares for a bingo can be call fast, but only by 2 or 3 students at a time. There are pictures with words under them for the younger student. I made a Christmas version of this and one of my purchased stated that she let her students run the whole game giving her time to relax.

Valentine's Day Word Play

Math is a favorite subject, but every once and a while, I'll try and make some ELA products. For this, I created Valentine's day word play games. Students must come up with as many word as they can from the phases "Valentine's Day" and "February fourteenth". I made letter cards for students so that they can physically find them. This helps some of my more low performing students.


Valentine's Day Backgrounds and Frames

 Knocking out 2 products in one paragraph, I've be obsessed with creating backgrounds and frames for the worksheets I create. I made quite a few. In fact, I made about 40 patterns and added color to them. Quick and easy. The frames were a little different. I had to find some clip art and I made most of my own. For the more difficult ones, mycutegraphics.com was blessing.

Valentine's Day Writing Paper


For Christmas, I made from writing paper. I did the same for valentine's day. There are 3 types this time instead of 2 like the Christmas paper. I have lined paper with just lines and a border for 3rd through 5th grade. For Kindergarten through 2nd, I made 2 types. The first has lines with a dotted line in the middle. The 2nd has a drawing box at the top and the same lines below. This way, students can draw a picture as well.


For the giveaway, fill out the various entries below. I will give you until Sunday, January 26, 2014 at midnight to enter. I will announce the winner on Facebook! Until then!

Class dismissed!

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