11 January 2014

First time Promo, Stupendous Story Elements, and PPT Games

First time Promo!

I've been on TpT since 2011. 2 years since I found this wonderful website. Today, I tried something risky but in the end, I think it was worth it. On TpT, you can promote your products and was always anxious. It seemed like a long shot. What if it doesn't pay off? What if you don't make any sales?

I'm glad I waited til now.

I waited until I had a good enough product to attract sellers. Boy, did I score with this one. I made a Kindergarten bundle that includes over 100 worksheets and a few games. I based everything on the common core and looking at examples from a pdf our state gave us. I was impressed with myself  when it was finished.

Kindergarten Math Winter Packet

I decided it would be good to promote my first grade-level appropriate bundle. I posted my product and it was slowly viewed. Within a week, someone wish listed it, which made me smile. When the first teacher purchased it, I was overjoyed. When another person purchased, I was relieved. It decided: let's promote it!

There were many reasons why I waited to so long to promote something on TpT was: 1.) I didn't know how, 2.)I didn't think I had a really good product worth promoting yet, 3.) I was scared and nervous, and 4.) I didn't have a lot on income from the products on TpT.

Now it's up and teachers are purchasing it left and right! Very please with myself that I'm currently working on 2nd grade math. I completed 1st Grade a few days ago and its up and available.

Great Finds-Stupendous Story Elements

Switching from Non-fiction or fiction is an easy task. Finding worksheets and organizers for them, not so much. There are a lot of websites that offer free organizers that are plain and simple. I came across this while searching for some new organizers. This 34 page pdf includes worksheets, templates, posters, even a game for students to play during snack time. These worksheets are more appeasing to the eyes than traditional organizers. Anything to keep students engaged. Best of all: its free!

My featured Product - 3rd Grade Fraction Jeopardy-Like PowerPoint Game

My best seller! This PowerPoint game I created while I was a 3-5 tutor. It's a jeopardy review game that covers all areas of fractions for 3rd grade including identifying fractions, fraction of a set, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, ordering fractions, and add/subtract fractions. There's even a type in scoreboard for you to keep while in "Slideshow Mode". The boxes disappear after you've click on them to eliminate repeat questions. 30 questions in all. Perfect for review. All this for only $1.

Class Dismissed!

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