05 January 2014

Obsessions, clipart, covers, pencils, and more

Fighting Obsession

Recently, I looked at the TpT Forum and someone asked how do you fight obsession? I completely understood what they meant. Last night, I stayed up for a good while just making covers for my Pinterest boards. When you think about it, that's a lot of boards. I have 24. First it started with 3 or four. You know, that basics: math, reading, science, and social studies, but my OCD dictated that EVERYONE LOOK SIMILAR. So making only 4 turned into 24.


Making covers for my Pinterest Board lead me to a website, mycutegraphics.com. This site has amazing clip art. Now don't get me wrong. I love making my own clip art, but this way much faster and it wasn't for sale so why not. If you haven't checked it out, please do so.


The backgrounds I made also gave me another obsession. I haven't put them up for sale yet, but rest assured, when I come up with at least 20 design, they will be available to buy and customize.


Great Finds - Winning the Pencil War - An Effective Management System


While pinning, I came across this classroom management technique that I am dying to try. Every teacher has that issue with pencils. Either not enough, they're not sharpened, students lose them, or finding them on the floor. This system can eliminate that problems.

It requires a pencil pouch or box and 8 pencils. Basically, students get 8 pencils a week. If all 8 pencils are in the box, students get a prize. If not, no prize. Each students has a pouch/box.

This product is available on TPT and best of all : FREE!

Here's the link:Winning the Pencil War - An Effective Management System

My Featured Product-Snowball Mini Math Pack


This Mini Math pack has math worksheets that include counting to 20, numbers before, after, and in between, and even or odd numbers. It's a simple math pack that's great for substitute. Works with grades K through 2 and is common core aligned.

 Here's the link:Snowball Mini Math Pack

Class Dismissed!

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