21 February 2015

You Ought to Know about Tumblebooks!

You Ought to Know about Tumblebooks! If there's one subject that's important, it's reading! Students need to read as much as they can so they can get better in all the other subjects. One website that I love is Tumblebooks!
Just what is Tumblebooks? Tumblebooks are ebooks of printed books. What makes tumblebooks different is the website will read them to students. It also includes information about each book, including reading level, lexile number, and even the common core standards.

Like most websites, it has a free verison and a paid verison. Most public libraries have tumblebooks for free! Some schools can pay for a subscription if they choose to.

Tumblebooks has a number of different books in different genres including fiction, non-fiction, biographies, poetry, graphic novels, and more. There's other activities as well such as games, videos, puzzles, and more.

Once you've decided on a book, you'll be taken to a Tumblepad where the story will be read to your students.

You can let the books be read to them (auto) or you can read it yourself (manually). The stories are animated which is great for your students.

This tool is perfect for early finishers or when students are waiting to go to the library. In my classroom, if a student finished early, they were to read, whether it was their AR book or their tumblebook. This is great for students who need more reading at home!
There's even unit plans for teachers to help with certain topics in the classroom. Topics include Earth Day, First Day of School, Halloween, and even grammar! Each plan comes with a guide and list of books the go along with each topics.

You can access it here:
TumbleBooks Officail Website

Here's my public library's Tumblebooks:
Onslow County Public Library
(Click on "kids">>"tumblebooks")

06 February 2015

New Game and Features: Write & Wipe PPT Games and Task Card Ready!

Time to reveal a new game and a new game feature!
I've used dry-erase boards in my classroom numerous times, both as a teacher and as a tutor. The kids love it and so do I. I always had a dream of a paperless classroom where every worksheet was digital. One of my first games I made for my class I used dry-erase boards and markers. Only makes sense that I make those games available for other too!
Today, I bring you: Write and Wipe PPT Games!
 Write and Wipe games are powerpoint games that you can play along with mini white boards. There is no scoreboard so it great to use in a guided math group or as a whole class review.

All my Write and Wipe games will have 25 questions, giving you more questions and time to review.

There's even a sweet animation for revealing the answer. Also, with each game, there are some tricks and tips with using White boards in the classroom including cleaning tips and acquiring materials.
I know you students will enjoy playing this games as much I do!
You can get this game here:

Another game feature I will be adding to my new games (and later, adding to previously made games) is the "Task Card Ready" feature!
Class dismissed!


03 February 2015

February Monthly Update!

Brrrrr. It's chilly outside! Winter is definitely here to stay. Try you best to keep warm! Here's what going on with powerpoint gaming this month.

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I've got some new games ready for this day. Don't forget to check them out. After V-Day, visit my store for an after Valentine's Day sale. =)


Monthly Sale
My monthly sale will take place on Friday, February 20 through February 22. As usual, everything will be 15% off.

Photo Contest
I'd happy to announce I'm holding a monthly photo contest on my blog. You can submit photos you or your students using my products! You can submit up to 5 photos. The winner will be featured in a blog post and win a $25 TPT gift certificate as well as a $10 shopping spree to my Store.


Welcome New Followers
I'd also like to welcome my new followers! I'm happy that you're following me! I've got some exciting new games coming out very soon as well as working diligently on getting my games ready for Mac computers.
Monthly Freebie - Introducing Mini Games!
Oops! I've been slacking on those monthly freebies! No problem though. I figured something out! Introducing Mini Games! These games will  be free exclusively for my followers. You can only get them in 2 places: my follower email and on Facebook. At the beginning of each month, I will send out a mini game in the monthly newsletter on TPT so be sure to follow me by clicking on the "green star" in my store. Then, at the start of each week (Monday), you can check Facebook for a new mini game. At the end of each month, I will bundle them together for purchase. 5 games in all!
If there's anything else you need to know, checkout my Facebook page and blog for more info. Until March, Happy Groundhog's Day, Happy Valentine's Day,  and Happy Mardi Gras!

Powerpoint Gaming


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