06 February 2015

New Game and Features: Write & Wipe PPT Games and Task Card Ready!

Time to reveal a new game and a new game feature!
I've used dry-erase boards in my classroom numerous times, both as a teacher and as a tutor. The kids love it and so do I. I always had a dream of a paperless classroom where every worksheet was digital. One of my first games I made for my class I used dry-erase boards and markers. Only makes sense that I make those games available for other too!
Today, I bring you: Write and Wipe PPT Games!
 Write and Wipe games are powerpoint games that you can play along with mini white boards. There is no scoreboard so it great to use in a guided math group or as a whole class review.

All my Write and Wipe games will have 25 questions, giving you more questions and time to review.

There's even a sweet animation for revealing the answer. Also, with each game, there are some tricks and tips with using White boards in the classroom including cleaning tips and acquiring materials.
I know you students will enjoy playing this games as much I do!
You can get this game here:

Another game feature I will be adding to my new games (and later, adding to previously made games) is the "Task Card Ready" feature!
Class dismissed!


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