18 February 2016

Featured Game: Making 10

Each month, I will feature a new product that is great for the classroom. This month: Making 10.

Practicing addition is a basic skill for kindergartners. This games reinforces those skills in a fun, interactive way.

This game is a teacher versus student game. The students answer all the questions and if they get the answer correct, they get the points, but if they get it wrong, I get the points! Great motivator!

Students are given an addition problem with an addend and a missing addend that equals to 10.

Students work out the problems and give their answer. They click on the "Answer Button" to see if they are correct. Then, they click on "Scoreboard" to choose another question to answer.

There are 20 questions in all. It even includes a type-in scoreboard that is used while in "Slideshow Mode."

You can get this game here: Making Ten Powerpoint Game. Makes a great whole class activity, whether you're there or the substitute is there! Here what other teachers are saying:
"My students LOVE this game! They beg to play every day. Thanks so much!" - Donnalyn T.

"Great resource to practice this standard. Perfect for leaving for a sub."  -Kendria M.

Don't forget to check out my other "Making 10" games including seasonal and holiday themed games.

A special thank you to Mercedes for taking these wonderful pictures for me!

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