06 July 2015

Ready for Vegas!

I don't know about you, but I am so pumped up for the TPT Conference. I have ordered everything I need (Conference wise) and now am waiting to buy a new wardrobe for the conference. Here's what I've got so far.

1.) Business Cards
I love my business cards! I have to give a shout out to A Little Peace of Africa.  She did my cards so beautifully and they turned out great! I ordered them via Vista Print and they came about a week later.

2.) Button
Let's put a face to a name. Unless you have your picture as your logo, no one will know who you are. I'll be wearing this each day I'm there so everyone will know what my store name is. I used my logo and ordered it at Zazzle.com.

3.) Stickers
I thought this might be a good consideration if I don't hand out business cards. Anyone bringing a sticker book?

4.) Binder with Card Holders
When collecting all those business cards, I need somewhere to put them.  There are 10 sheets and each sheet has 9 pockets. I can hold a total of 90 cards (180 if I use front and back). I got this from Walmart.

5.) Conference Notebook
This wonderful notebook will help me keep notes will at the conference. There's about 15 pages and the cover is nice with a glossy shine. This will be used for any notes and an address book (in case I run out of space in my binder). I made the cover  and ordered it at Zazzle.com.

6.) Tote Bag
I need something to carry this in! Why not a tote bag. I included my logo and my slogan at the bottom. I ordered this at Zazzle.com.

7.) Conference Notebook
I made this book which contains all my conference handouts. About 90% of it is in color. I printed them out at home (after buying some ink for $30) and went to staples to have it spiral -bound for only $5. It has a clear cover and a regency back (a tough black material used as the back of most planners). In all, it cost about $35. Saved about $20 if I had had Staples do everything.

So tell me, who's ready to meet me? I'm so ready to meet my fellow TPTers and bloggers! Just wish I could meet some of my followers too! Counting down the days!


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