28 October 2014

Creating the Ultimate TPT Planner!

Making products can be a lot of work. Balancing home and making products is even more work. I give kudos to the teacher that work at school, create products in their free, and manage the house. Brownie points all around. TPT is my full time job at the moment so between creating games and watching my niece and nephew can be a little frustrating a times. That's why I created this:

I had created a smaller version of this at the beginning of the school year that I kept up with, but finally decided get one made professionally. I spent about 2 weeks creating all the pages I may need for the entire school year (August to July). Check out each of the pages included and find out how you can score your own!
The cover is a clear plastic covering over a regular cover sheet I made..  Pretty nice. The binding is a black plastic coil. I had this made at Office Depot and they had other bindings as well. I figured if I'm going to opening and closing it all the time, a coil would best be suited. There are other bindings like the combs, stapled, and taped. 

On the inside cover, I created an information sheet with my basic information (name, address, phone, websites, etc).  Next page has the table of contents. My planner contains 160 pages, mostly do to weekly planning sheets.

 A close up of the table of contents.

Each of the title pages are in color and the rest of the pages are in black and white. I included clips from EduClips and Ashley Hughes.

I keep track if every game I make and place it in my Powerpoint Games Section. This is a way for me to check back on games I may have already created or to give me another topic to cover. 

Every Saturday I plan for the following week. I decide what games I should/will work on, depending on the dates and any upcoming holidays. My planner includes a two page spread of each month, a monthly Blog Topic planner, and 5 weekly product planner sheet for each week in that month.

My WeekIy Product Planner has a space for each day of the week (excluding weekends) and a Project space for my to list what projects I will work on. I also have a space for if the product is completed. I also have two areas at the bottoms for my Blog Topics for that week to write/post and what theme to post on my Facebook page (such as giveaways, blog hops, themed/holiday products, etc). 
The next section is my Bundles section. Here I list all the bundles I have created or will create. There are several pages of these because this is a yearly planner. It is broken up in to Math, Seasonal, and Holiday Bundles.

Lastly, there's the Miscellaneous section which includes a Weekly To-Do List, my "What To Do After Posting" list, "Monthly Giveaway Log", and Notes section (To be used hopefully for the TPT Conference).

Did you know that any donation of your products can be a write off in your taxes? Who knew, right?

These are taking notes whenever I need them. I plan to use them when I go to the TPT Conference in July.
The last pages include my terms of use and a regency black cover (the same you see with most store back covers). I used free fonts I found online and clip art from Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, EduClips, Whimsy Clips, and Ashley Hughes.
I made this online at Office Max/Office Depot. You can upload your file and create your own personal planner. You can choose everything, from the covers to the binding to which pages are in color or black and white. Overall, this cost my $32. Luckily, when I purchased this when there was 50% off sale so it cost me $16 for 160 pages (+ $10 shipping). It took a week to be created and shipped (I made it Thursday and received it Wednesday). My Office didn't have Site-to-Store, but if it, My planner would be all in color.
Let me know if you have any questions about my planner. I'd be happy to answer them! Here's a link to Office Max/Office Depot:http://www.officedepot.com/a/design-print-and-ship/
Class Dismissed!


  1. Love your organization! You've motivated me!

  2. How do you get the coil on the booklet? Is there some sort of coil binding machine that can do this without wasting a lot of time? I have a couple of booklets that I need to bind using a coil bind. I just don't want to do that by hand because it would take a really long time. I am sure that there is a machine that can coil these for you and make it work for the booklet. It would end up saving me a lot of time if I could find one. http://www.poppbinding.com/all-product-offerings/category/coil-binding

    1. The planner I made here I made through Office Depot. I ordered it online, but if you have an Office Max, Staples, or Office Depot, you can also check to see if they can do this in-store. I also have a comb binding machine that does the same thing as this except it use combs instead of coils. IT

      Here's a post about it:



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