06 October 2014

Winners of my 100 Games and Counting Giveaway

I'm so excited I couldn't wait another day! Here are the winners of my "100 Games and Counting" giveaway.

1st Place - Amy Mezni

2nd Place - Free Your Hearts Graphics

3rd Place - Katie Redington

4th Place - Cherie Mae Ong

Congrats to the winners and thanks you to everyone who participated!

Speaking of giveaways, on my Facebook page, I recently had a freebie poll. I'm an avid Carolina Panthers fan. I'm the happiest person in the world if they win. My student could tell I was in a happy mood. If the panthers win a game this season, I will create a game and post it for free. It's up to you to decide which game you'd like to see be made.

This week the panthers faced the bears and I think I held my breath the entire 4th quarter. They managed to win so I posted 6 games to create.

It was close, but "Ghostly Subtraction Game" won by 1 vote. "Trick or Treat Counting" came in second followed by 'Counting Jack-o-Lanterns". I will be working of these two games first so be on the look out them. And don't worry about the others. I will be making them soon too!

Click the photo to get the download from TPT. Don't forget to leave some feedback!

Class Dimissed.

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