03 October 2014

100 Games and Couting Giveaway!

I joined TeacherspayTeachers in September 2011 with a bunch of free products. My first powerpoint game was the Fractions Review Game, which is one of my best selling products today.

I look back on all my games and I can see that with each passing month, they got better and better. I would include more questions or I would add color. Eventually I started making more creative backgrounds. Next, I learned about type-in powerpoints and added that feature. Later, I would add clip art and give games themes. Now I have a variety of games and currently I've learned how to randomize slides so that it will always be different every time you start it.

I loved making games. I still do. =P I carry a notebook around in my purse just in case an idea pops into my head. In fact, while I was walking this morning, I brainstormed more games to create. Not even less than an hour ago, I thought of another "Falling Word" game. My mind is running at 50 thoughts and ideas a minute, it's no wonder my mind hasn't exploded yet. >_<

Besides all that, I'm so happy to create games. I have created over 100 games and there are no signs of stopping. I want to first thank anyone who has ever purchased, downloaded, viewed, wishlisted, commented, or left feedback for any of my powerpoint games, free or for purchased. I grin every time someone views a game. I smiled every time someone wishlists a game. I jump for joy every time someone purchases a game. I cry every time someone leaves feedback saying my games a-w-e-s-o-m-e (Thanks, Elizabeth).
To show my appreciation, I'm giving away some very awesome prizes. Although I can't give away a prize to every single person who has downloaded something from my store ( believe me, if I could, I would), I can give 1 winner  the awesome prize of having access to every powerpoint game I make, past-present-or-future.

  1 winner will win a permanent license, giving them access to every powerpoint I have created  which I'm up to 109. 3 winner-ups will win a $10 Store Credit. I may even have a consolation prize for anyone who enters and doesn't win, but first I think I may have to create it . I'll choose a winner on Tuesday.


Thanks for all the downloads, purchases, and feedback!Enjoy your weekend!

Class Dismissed!

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