21 October 2014

TpT Tips: What to Do After Posting a Product

Here are some more tips for TpT Beginners. Have you ever finished a product and posted it? Ever thought if there was anything else you could do before moving on to the next product? Here are 7 Things you can do after you've posted a product.

1.) Schedule a facebook post.

After posting your new product(s) on TPT, it's time to start advertising! One of the best places to start is Facebook. If you haven't set up a facebook page for your store, do so. Post your product, giving a small description to viewers. Offer it half price to really catch them. Use the original picture of your product (the same cover picture you used on TPT). The bigger, the better and don't forget the link. If you want, you can schedule the product to posted at a later date by clicking on the clock on the bottom left hand corner on your post. You can set it up as later as 5 minutes or 5 days from now.

2.) Have a Flash Freebie or Giveaway

Make your product as a flash freebie is a great way for buyers  look at your product and get instant feedback. Flash Freebies can last anywhere from a few minutes to one day. Having a giveaway is also great too. It exposes your page to other viewers, especially if they share it or tag a friend.
3.) Pin it to Pinterest
Pin your product! Pinterest is free advertising for your product! Pin it to as many boards as you can! The more you pin it the more exposed your product becomes. Create a nice picture of your product that you upload from your computer.  They look much better than if you pin it using the pin button from the product page. Try using large pictures or real-life pictures of your product in use.
4.) Back Up your Product
I  can't tell you how many times my products have jumped from one computer to another. Make sure your completed item is backed up and in a safe location. I recommend Dropbox because you can continue to work on it and it will automatically save to the web. You can also access it via the website from any computer. Other sites like Google Drive, SkyDrive, and MediaFire are great too.
5.) Add it to a "List of Inventory"
I keep track of every powerpoint game I make. Keeping a record of products helps me to keep track of the many games I have made. It gives me a reference. A place to go to when I need to know if I have made that particular product before. I keep a simple list of the item number, post date, and the product name. TPT also keeps a list of your products, but it nice to have a hands-on list whenever my computer or cellphone is unavailable and an idea comes to mind. I keep this list in a planner I created and use on a daily basis.
6.) Blog about it!
If you have a blog, write about it! Show buyers it works! The more pictures, the better. Showcase how it works and explain how it can be better for a teacher classroom. Whenever I am excited about a new product, I blog about it. When I created my first game that was not Math (All About Plants), I was estatic! It was the first game I had made since starting TpT that wasn't a math game. I blogged about it. I continued to blog about new games that I think are awesome!

7.) Promote it on Social Media!

This is a given! I've already mention Facebook, Pinterest, and Blogs, but there's so much more!! Tweet it! Instagram it! Add it to a Linky Party! Use the Seller's Forum on TPT to promote it! Youtube it! Podcast it! Everyone has at least one of the social media sites I mentioned so why not put them to good use?

There are so many ways to get your products out there. Doing these things will surely increase sales and expose your store to others. I've included a mini poster with these steps to help you out in both color and black & white. Enjoy!

Get this poster by clicking here:

Class Dismissed!


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