23 October 2014

One Thing You Didn't Know About Me: I was a Band Geek!

Here's something you didn't know about me:
I didn't play an instrument in high school, but I was part of the colorguard. It was fun and I made so many friends. We did shows at football games, and competitions or parades on Saturdays.

Band Show" Tragedy, Remembrance, and Triumph: A Tribute to 9/11"
Band Show: The Bee Gee's
Band Show: Pinball Wizard
Winterguard Show: No name really. Just performing to "Overture to Candide"
 I was on both the colorguard and winterguard team. I was Captain my junior year. My favorite years would have to be my sophomore year (Pink Colorguard Outfits) and my senior year (not pictured). That year we did the Bee Gee so our music was "You Should Be Dancing" , "Jive Talk", Immortality", and of course, "Stayin' Alive." The entire band even disco danced. That same year we did winterguard for the first time, which is just colorguard performing to music. We performed to "1000 Miles" by Vanessa Carlton. We ended up with 3 place at the State Competition. My senior year, we did Finding Neverland and we were dressed in green like Tinker Bell! I still have every colorguard/winterguard outfit too!
Were you a band geek? What instrument did you play? What kind of shows did your band do? Comment below!
Class Dismissed!


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