18 October 2014

Buy 2 Get One Free Sale

I'm throwing a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale this weekend! Just one of the few ways I'd like to say "Thank You" to all my followers, New and Old!
The details are pretty clear. Simply purchase 2 items from my store. Then, email me with subject "BOGO" telling me your buyer name, what 2 items you purchased, and what free item you would like. Only 2 stipulations:
1.) They have to be the same item type (2 games then 1 free game, 2 worksheets then 1 free worksheet, etc). This goes for all my products (bundles, seasonal packs, ppt games, worksheets, puzzles, teacher forms, etc)
2.) Lowest priced item is free. (Ex. Buy $3 worksheet, $2 worksheet, then get a free $2 or less worksheet.
This will give you a chance to get that extra item you want but don't have enough to get it. This sale for SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY. The next time I have a BOGO may be next year!
Still unclear? Download the full details here.

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