21 June 2015

1,000 Follower Spectacular - Day 1

It's here, it's here! I finally made it to 1,000 followers. I'm so excited! I wanted to have a small huge celebration. So big it would take an entire week to celebrate! Each day will includes spectacular new games, $1 Deals & freebie steals, and much, much more! You can find out more with in my 1,000 Follower Spectacular Invitation. What do you say? Let's get started!

Let's begin with the Gift Card giveaway of the Day! Today, you can win a $25 shopping spree to my TPT store. Because my store is on sale at the moment, you can score some pretty awesome games for this upcoming school year. You can even get my yearly license!

Today's $1 Deal is for Kindergarten teachers. A new type of counting game. Well, almost new gameas I don't use make Test Prep games very often.
In this game, students must represent a given number with bubbles. Test Prep games are multiple choice (A through D). This game is perfect as an individual review or practice before an assessment.
There's no scoreboard so it works great as a center or use it in the mornings for a daily review. Check marks and X's appear on right and wrong answers respectively.

Get on sale all this week for $1.
Your first freebie this week is about ending sounds. Next week, I'll post my final game for my Beginning sounds set. but for today, take a look at this game. With a few suggestions from my followers, I created this Ending Sounds Mini game.
Similar to my beginning sounds game, students must identify the ending sound for each picture. There are 10 questions in all.

This is just a small sample. If you'd like me to make a full game for this (or even a bundle of games), let me know!
You can get this game for free all this week.
That's all for today. Be sure to stop by my Facebook page for some flash freebies starting at/around 5 pm EST. Click "Get Notifications" so you'll know when they start!

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