28 March 2014

Celebratine 900+ Votes Freebie #5 - Multiples Tic-Tac-Toe - PPT Game

Here's freebie no. 5. Fourth grade meaning factors and multiples!

Just like regular Ti-Tac-Toe, only you have to answer the question right to get your X or O. This one is closer to Hollywood square because this game is true or false.

For each question, students must chooses true or false. There is a "check" for correct responses and an "x" for incorrect. The title helps you by telling which game mode you're in as well as which square you're in. There's even a picture to help you visually. 

 Clicking main menu will take you to the first slide (title page) and scoreboard takes you back to scoreboard. The blue square disappears, revealing an "x" and an "o". Click on the shape to place it.

That's all there is to it. You can play all three games or however you like. You don't have to go through the first to get the next game.

The game modes are divided in sections. Game 1: 1 - 4, Game 2: 5 - 8, and Game 3: 9 - 12. The How to Use" button gives you directions on how to use this game.
Enjoy this Freebie!
Get this game here:
Tomorrow: 5th Grade
It's a secret!
All I can say is it's something you've never seen from PPT Gaming!
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Class Dismissed!

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