27 March 2014

Celebrating 900+ Votes Freebie #4 - 3rd Grade

3rd Grade! Here we go!
The game I made for 3rd grade is a multiplication jeopardy game. Since "Jeopardy" is copyrighted, I had to name it "Multiplication Review Game".


Since multiplication is a big part of 3rd grade and I haven't made a jeopardy game solely for multiplication. There are 6 categories.

The amounts disappear as they are clicked on so you don't have worry if you have used it or not. Scores can be typed in on the key board too! (All in Slideshow mode!)
The questions simple enough. It's almost like a huge flash card, except that you don't have to hold that huge stack of cards.

It even comes with a final question, which is beyond what the students should have to know, though that's what makes it fun (and makes them think/work harder)

I created the backgrounds and graphics. The fonts. however, came from kevinandamanda.com.fonts. They have a wide variety of fonts and I mostly use their fonts for worksheets, but this time, I used it in a ppt game.

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Multiples Tic-Tac-Toe PPT Game

Class dimissed!

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