25 March 2014

Celebrating 900+ Votes Freebie #2 - 1st Grade

Let's get the ball rolling! My second freebie is for 1st grade.

1st Grade - What's Missing

Similar to Teacher vs. Student in questions. There are 20 questions. This time, there can be up to 3 teams. Like always, scores can be typed in during slideshow mode.
There are 3 question types: (1) first missing addend, (2) second missing addend, and (3) the answer. Students must figure out what the missing number is. Includes swivel animations when you click on answer.


Great for review, or even just to introduce the concept. Common core aligned aw always and free!


The clip art comes from Ashley Hughes. It was part of her own Celebration and it's free. Still wanna give her some credit.  I created the background and the fonts came from Techy Teacher and Lovin' Lit.
 Get this freebie here: What's Missing PPT Game
Expanded Form Bingo
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Class dismissed!

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