26 March 2014

Celebrating 900+ Votes - Freebie #3 - 2nd Grade

Day 3 - 2nd grade! Here we go! The game I made is a powerpoint bingo game: Expanded Form Bingo.

This game has students covering numbers that are in standard form. In the powerpoint they are given the expanded form of the number.

There are 30 unique bingo cards. No two cards are alike. There are 2 cards per sheet. All you have to do it cut it half.
There is even some blank cards, just in case you want to make your own game.
There is a call sheet for you so that you can mark the numbers as they are called.

The scoreboard itself has all the questions. You can choose where to start. The numbers aren't in order so even if you decided to start with question 1, the answer won't be like 168. I think the first number is 794.


There aren't that many graphics, though I did create the background and border. Enjoy the freebie!
Get it here:
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Multiplication Review Game(Jeopardy)
Class Dismissed!

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