01 April 2014

Celebrating 900+ Vote Freebie #6 - Spin the Wheel

This is a brand new game I've created! Hopefully, it will be just as successful as my other games. Here's the rundown of how to play this game.

There are 3 rounds in all. The problems get harder as the game goes on. Scores are added up each  round for a final score.
Each game board a wheel with different amounts, 10 questions, and type in scoreboard. A spin button at the bottom allows you to spin the wheel.

Questions are simple in the beginning. As the rounds go on, the questions get harder. The titles are the top let you know which question and round you are in.

This makes a wonderful addition to your fractions review games.
Get it Here:
Thanks you for the comments as I celebrate 900+ votes. In the short amount of time I started this celebration, I have almost reached 1000 vote. Be sure to look for my 1000 Rating Celebration, which will happened within a few weeks.
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