08 May 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 5

Happy Teacher Appreciation week! Every day this week, I will have a new mini game that will be a freebie for the entire week. You can pick it up in my TPT store. In addition, I will giving away a game of your choice from my TPT Store.

Here's your last freebie of the week:
Reading Comprehension - Little Red Riding Hood!

Reading comprehension! Something I have yet to tackle, but I think it's about time to start! What better place to start than with fairy tales? Let's start with Little Red Riding Hood.

In this mini game, students will answer questions about the story "Little Red Riding Hood". There are 10 questions in all.

Some questions have one answer while other questions have multiple answers. Each questions and its answers are animated.

I included story element questions as well (setting, characters, author's message, etc). Because there are so many different version of  "Little Red Riding Hood", this game is editable so you can adjust your answers to fit the version you're reading to your students. I've read one version that has a huntsman instead of woodsman. I read another version where after the wolf ate little Red Riding Hood, the woodsman used scissors to cut her and her grandmother out of the wolf's stomach.

The last question I left without an answer because there are so many answers  a student could give. If you like to add an answer, simply copy  an answer and the answer button from a previous slide and paste it to the bottom of the slide. Don't forget to change the answer. 

This game will be great for guided reading groups. Don't forget to leave some feedback. I plan to make this game part of a Reading Comprehension: Fairy Tale Bundle on sale now.

Don't forget to enter to win a free game of your choice from my TPT Store on Facebook. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother's Day. You deserve it!

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