05 May 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 2

Happy Teacher Appreciation week! Every day this week, I will have a new mini game that will be a freebie for the entire week. You can pick it up in my TPT store. In addition, I will giving away a game of your choice from my TPT Store.
Here's your second freebie of the week: Fact or Opinion.
In this mini game, students read the sentence and must decided if it is a fact or an opinion. There are 10 questions in all.

This game is perfect for a mini lesson when students are writing opinion papers. No scoreboard so no pressure.
Each sentence is about an animal to make it easier to determine the different between a fact and an opinion.
This game will be perfect for those students that need extra help. Don't forget to leave some feedback. If you'd like me to make a full Fact or Opinion game, let me know! Don't forget to enter to win a free game of your choice from my TPT Store on Facebook. Enjoy your week. You deserve it!

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