01 May 2015

May Monthly Outlook

The school year is coming to an end! Hold on teachers. I know you can do it! Here's what's happening this month!
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 4 though the 8 is Teacher Appreciation Week. I'll be celebrating with new mini games each day and a Winner's Choice giveaway each day! Be sure to follow my Facebook page so you can enter to win!

3,000 Feedback Celebration!
I don't know when it's going to happen, but I'm a little over 100 comments away.  When I reach 3,000, I'll be having a celebration so don't forget to leave feedback if you've purchased or downloaded anything from my store. I'll be giving away some games and 2 TPT Gift cards! Follow me on Facebook to find out when the celebration starts!

Monthly Sale
My monthly sale will be May 15th through the 17th. Be sure to stop by my store to stuck up on some review games for the End of Grade Assessments.
Mac-iPad Games
After playing around with my iPad, I've finally worked out most of the kinks for Mac-iPad games. You'll start to see them included in new games. During the summer, I'll be update my older games and Mac-iPad games will be included! If there's a game you desperately want that's doesn't have a Mac-iPad version, let me know in the Q&A section and I'll make it for you. Until then, you'll just have to wait for the summer time!
Follower Freebie
This month's follower freebie is Multiplication and Division! Yes, it's a pretty common topic, but 3rd grades need that practice! This is just a small sample of the Multiplication Facts and Division Facts Bundle I've been working on!

So much going on! Thank you for following me. Enjoy the spring, stay strong, and good luck to you and your students on the End of Grade assessments!

Chandra M.
Powerpoint Gaming


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