31 December 2014

Christmas Advent Event Wrap UP - Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

This year was I did my first Christmas Advent event and I must say, it was a great success! I gained new followers, made some super games, and gave away tons of prizes. If you participated in any of the giveaways, I would like you to take a quick survey to tell me what you think.

Day 15 - Even or Odd Numbers
Winner: Marylin Prysi
Practice identifying even or odd numbers with this fun Christmas games. Students must count the number of Christmas ornaments and determine whether that number is even or odd.
Day 16 - Elapsed Time Practice
Winner: Karissa Tatom
Practice elapsed time with this yummy, Christmas dessert game! In teams, students compete against one another while answering time questions. There are 3 types of questions: start time, stop/finish time, and elapsed time. Each question deals with a different type of dessert. Yummy!
Day 17 - Number Patterns
Winner:  Kristine Dawson Stewart
Practice number patterns with this fun Christmas themed game. Students must figure out what the pattern is, whether it's addition or subtraction, and the next 3 numbers. Includes a hint button that states the rule.
Day 18 - Finding Santa
Winner: Mary Love Strange
This game reinforces multiplying fraction with this fun powerpoint game. Santa is missing and your students must find them. Santa is hidden behind 5 boxes and there are 25 to choose from. In order to choose a box, students must correctly answer a fraction problem. Whoever finds the most Santas win.
Day 19 - Adding Within 5
Winner: Tonya Shore
Practice adding with this fun Christmas addition game. Using pictures of dice with Christmas trees instead dots, students add numbers from 0 to 5.
Day 20 - Comparing 2 Digit Numbers
Winner: Everyone - 24 Hour Freebie!
Practice comparing numbers with this fun Elf themed PowerPoint game. Students are comparing 2 digit numbers using the greater than, less than, and equal to sign.
Day 21 - Writing 3 Digit Numbers
Winner: Mary Love Strange
Practice place value with this fun, engaging Santa themed. game. Students must identifying the number when given how many ones, tens, and hundreds.
Day 22 - Multiplication Word Problems
Winner: Mary Love Strange
Word problems are a hassle! Make it fun with the Christmas themed word problem game. There 5 cookies hidden behind one of 25 squares. Students must answer multiplication word problems in order to choose a square. Whoever finds the most cookies wins!
Day 23 - Types of Angles
Winner: Mary Love Strange
Engage students in this fun, competitive Geometry game. Students compete against one another or in teams to correctly identify different angles. This includes acute, obtuse, right, and straight angles.
Day 24 - Coordinate Grid Practice
Winner:  Kristine Dawson Stewart
Celebrate Christmas and practicing using the Coordinate Place with this engaging twist on traditional tic-tac-toe. Students choose a box and must answer the question correctly in order to place their shape. There are 3 game modes, each with 9 questions. There are 2 question types: naming objects at given coordinates and giving coordinates for given objects.
Day 25 - Mystery Christmas Gift
Winner: Freebie until Dec. 31st
As my Christmas Advent comes to an end, here's my Christmas gift to celebrate 25 days of you, the follower! Without your loyalty and support, I could not have made it to where I am now. Thank you very much. Enjoy this freebie while it lasts! Don't forget to leave some feedback! Be sure to get this before December 31st!

My final giveaway is a $25 Visa Gift Card to shop anywhere Visa is accepted. You'll also receive a $20 Shopping Spree to my store.

I wanna thank everyone who entered my giveaways and shared them on social media. It means so much to me. I hope everyone has a safe New Years and don't forget to take my Christmas Advent Survey!
Class Dismissed!

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