09 December 2014

Christmas Advent Week 1 in Review and New Giveaways!

My Christmas Advent is in full swing! I've already had 9 winners including a winner for my movie pack. Here are the games that Santa has given away! You can click on the games to learn more about them.
 Day 1 - Kindergarten
Winner: Kathy Illington
Practice counting with your students in this fun Teacher vs. Student Powerpoint Game.

Day 2 - 1st Grade
Winner: Kristine Dawson Stewart
Can you find the Snowman? Practice identifying missing numbers in equations in one of my newest games.

Day 3 - 2nd Grade
Winner: Mary Love Strange
It's Christmas Time. Identify what time each child does their Christmas activity in the this fun game.

Day 4 - 3rd Grade
Winner: Mary Love Strange
Find that missing multiplication number in this fun Elf vs. Elf math competition game.

 Day 5 - 4th Grade
Winner: Natalie Gunderson
How much for that Christmas candy? Comparing the prices of Christmas candy in this Tic-Tac-Toe game.

 Day 6 - 5th Grade
Winner: Michelle Fasbender
Ah, the smell of freshly baked cookies! Practice adding fractions in this fun, engaging game!

 Day 7 - Kindergarten
Winner: Kathy Bowman
How many to 10? Help these penguins figure out how to make 10 using ten  frames in this fun game!

Day 8 - 1st Grade
Winner: Winner Selected Tonight.
 Bingo! Use those subtraction skills to cover the right number to win! .Click here to enter to win!
We have a winner for the first Weekly Prize Pack which included 4 movies, popcorn, popcorn bags, and a $5 Gift Card for soda and candy.
Winner: MM Bilingual Vasquez
Week 2 Prize has already started. This week, you can win $25 TPT Gift Card. Since I'm close to 500 followers on TPT, if I can make it there before the end of the giveaway, I'll make it 2 gift cards!


Be sure to check my Facebook page ever night around 7 PM EST for a chance to win a new game every night. If you don't win, you can purchase the game at 50% off in my TPT store!

Class Dismissed


  1. My students love your candy cane counting game! We played this morning during circle time and they beat the teacher so they were all excited. Even my youngest student did a great job of counting!

    1. That's great to hear! I'm so glad they enjoyed it!



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