17 December 2014

Christmas Advent Week 2 in Review and New Giveaways!

It's been a fantastic week! Every day a new prize and a new winner! I've added 7 more games and 7 more winners. The winner of my first giveaway was announced and another giveaway has started!
Day 8 - Subtraction Bingo
Winner: Lori Raines
Bingo! Use those subtraction skills to cover the right number to win!
Day 9 - Buying Christmas Presents
Winner: Susan Zink Katt
How much did each child spend on a Christmas present? Practice counting money when given the number of each coin.

 Day 10 -Subtraction within 1000
Winner: Susan Zink Katt
Compete in teams against each other while practicing subtraction.
Day 11 - Boys vs. Girls Rounding Numbers
Winner:Joanne Alderete
Boys vs Girls! This game pits boys against girls as students practice rounding numbers up to the hundred thousands.

Day 12 - Parenthesis Practice

Winner: Mary Love Strange
Santa vs Elf vs Reindeer! Who's the best magical creature? Find out and practice problems with parenthesis at the same time.
Day 13 - Counting Candy Canes
Winner: Kathy Illington
Do you like candy canes? Reinforce student's counting skills with this fun counting game.
Day 14 - True or False Math Facts
Winner: Free your Heart-graphics
Practice identifying math facts that are true or false.
Week #2 prize has been award! I planned to giveaway one $25 TPT gift card. I reached 500 followers on TPT so I gave away 2 TPT gift cards.
Winners: Callie W. and Kristine D.
Week #3's prize is a handmade tie fleece blanket made by yours truly. I've made tie blankets for every member of my family including my 2 nephews and niece. They're very easy to do (just 2 fleece and scissors).
You can win this blanket as well a $20 Shopping spree in my TPT Store. You can enter below. This giveaway ends Dec.22.

Be sure to check my Facebook page every night around 7 PM EST for a chance to win a new game every night. If you don't win, you can purchase the game at 50% off in my TPT store!

Class Dismissed

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