01 September 2014

Pre-Birthday Bash Week!

September has always been my favorite month ever since I was little. 3 reasons: school starts around that time. Football season begins and I'm a HUGE Carolina Panthers fan. But mostly, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

Who doesn't love birthdays? My birthday is September 10 and since it’s in the middle of the week, I've decided to make it a weeklong celebration!

To make this celebration as big as possible, you can submit a product or two for a daily giveaway. I will be submitting my own products as well. I would like to make 5 groups, one for each daily giveaway.

Sunday –Start of weeklong Sale, Yearly License Giveaway

Monday – Group 1 Giveaway

Tuesday – Group 2 Giveaway

Wednesday – Group 3 Giveaway

Thursday – Group 4 Giveaway

Friday – Group 5 Giveaway

Saturday – Permanent License Giveaway

Also, on my Facebook page, I’ll be having flash freebies of some of my products. I even planned some trivia games for prizes in my store.

If you wish to participate, please fill out the form below and email me your product(s). I can’t wait!

Class Dismissed!


  1. Miss before you dismiss class, my birthday is also on September 10th!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!
    Now we can all leave, See ya later alligators :) :) :)

  2. Just awesome topic! Thanks for the info, super helpful. BTW, there is an online service through which you can fill out a IL DoR RB-3, the fillable blank is here IL Bingo.



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