26 September 2014

New Gaming Features: Tie Breakers and Help!

While working with students in math, sometimes they need a little help or they need a tie breaking question. I decided that these features can (and should) be included in my games!


For my games that are Student vs. Student, there can be an even amount of questions for each team. Sometimes a tie breaker question is needed, especially if the score is even. It happens every once in a while for my kids and I'm sure it happens in yours so I've decided to add a "Tie Breaker" question to my future games.

The first games to include this feature are: Name that State! Game Series and Adding within 20 - Fall Edition.

There are 2 kinds of buttons. One button is included in the question board. It's labeled with a "T". The second is a button that  will be included with the "Done" and "Stop" buttons. This one is labeled "Tie?".

The tie breaker question is a little harder than the other questions. For example, in Name that State, it asks for a state's capital. This should help make a clear winner. This feature will be included in future games including Teacher vs. Student, Student vs Student, and other question-games.

OMG. When students ask for a hint or clue during a game, it drives me bonkers! I decided to incorporate hints/clues into future games as well but only where necessary. If a hint will give the answer away, I see no point in a hint.
Anyway, there is a "I need help" button on a few of the slides. Hints depend on the subject, the topic, and the game type. For example, math games may include a formula or reading comprehension games may reveal a sentence where the answer is located.
The first game to include this feature is my Adding within 5 - Fall edition. I will be adding it to many others as well.

Let me know how these games are by commenting below and if the "tie breakers" and "I need help" buttons help!

Class Dismissed.

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