20 April 2015

Powerpoint Gaming's 200 Games and Counting Celebration - Day 7

It's Saturday, everyone! This week has been truly amazing! It's the final day of my celebration. Here's what up for grabs today!

 Today's gift card is for a $25 shopping spree to my TPT store. I know that I've already given this away, but I can't help it! So many of you love my games that I just wanna give more away! So many that I'll giveaway 2 shopping sprees! Here's where you can enter 
Today's powerpoint game that's up for grabs is for everyone! I don't usually give these away, but I'm so excited about making 300 games, I'd make the exception.

If you love my games, you should consider purchasing a permanent license. This license give you access to every powerpoint game I've created over the years. To be exact, I've created
Today's mini game freebie is a mini game template.


Now you can make your own mini games! There are 1 questions for you to create your  very own game. Best of all, you can use it commercially.
Don't forget to stop by my Facebook page each night for some games and flash freebies starting at 6 PM EST!
Class dismissed!

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