12 April 2015

Powerpoint Gaming's 200 Games and Counting Celebration - Day 1

I'm so excited to announce my "200 Games and Counting; Celebration. I've hit a tremendous milestone: 200+ Powerpoint Games! It's a big achievement in my book and I'm happy to share my success with my followers.
Here's how my week long celebration works. Each day I'll be giveaway prizes including powerpoint games, mini games, and gift cards. I'll also have some flash freebies too. All this will take place on my Facebook page so please be sure to follow me there. I will also do a blog post about new games and the giveaway products. Follow me by email so you'll know when they start!
I do want to take a moment to send my love to A Little Peace of Africa. She did a marvelous job on my new logo and my business cards as well a blog. It's amazing! I can't wait to work with her again!
I can't wait to get started! Let's get started! Here's today's first set of prizes!


Today's gift card is for a $25 eGift card to Target. I love Target, especially they dollar section near the front. I find myself spending a few dollars here before I even get into the store. XD.You can win this by entering here!

Today's powerpoint game that's up for grabs is for 5th grade. Here's a measurement  conversion game that's fun for the whole class.
What makes it even better is that it's a Jeopardy game! Kids cannot get enough  of the Jeopardy game. This should make measurement easier 10 times more fun! Be sure to enter to win this on my Facebook page!
Today's mini game freebie is very useful! 5th graders can practice with this fun pre-algebra game.

This is a good introduction to algebraic expression. A few of my students struggles with the word phrases so this quick 10 question game is great for review. This game is available all week for free so be sure to stop by my store and pick it up before it goes on sale!
Don't forget to stop by my Facebook page each night for some games and flash freebies starting at 6 PM EST!
Class dismissed!

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