13 April 2015

Powerpoint Gaming's 200 Games and Counting Celebration - Day 2

Happy Monday, everyone! I had a wonderful first day of giveaways and freebies. Let's continue that positive vibe!


Today's gift card is for a $25 gift card to my TPT Store. It's been a while since I gave away a gift card. I've got plenty of new games to choose from. =D. You can win this by entering here!
Today's powerpoint game that's up for grabs is for 4th grade. Here's a multiplication game that's fun for the whole class.

Multiplication is one of my favorite topics. Tic-Tac-Toe is a classic game. Why not combine the two? This game involves 4 digit numbers being multiplied by a single digit number, all the while your students will be competing with one another to score 3 in a row.
Today's mini game freebie is very useful! 4th graders can practice with this quick geometry game.

This is a good introduction to line of symmetry. It's a very easy topic for most of my students. This game will can be very resourceful. Use it as an introduction or as a review. This game is available all week for free so be sure to stop by my store and pick it up before it goes on sale!
Don't forget to stop by my Facebook page each night for some games and flash freebies starting at 6 PM EST!
Class dismissed!

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