10 April 2016

Foamtastic Giveaway!

It's time for a random celebration! What can be better than a giveaway!

One day I was shopping around at a new discount store and came across this bin full of teacher stuff that I know any teacher would love to have! Here's what's included in this basket full of teacher goodies:

1.) Magnetic Lists
This comes in handy at home or in the classroom. Most teachers run on coffee (I run on Chai Tea). I loved the "Keep Calm" memes. Here's one for your class, plus one for your every day grocery shopping.

2.) Dry Eraser To Do list and Planner
I love planning out my week so this comes in handy, especially since it's both magnetic and dry erase. You'll get 2 To-Lists and 1 Weekly planner.

3.) 2 Mini Writing Tablets
Pesky after-school meeting? These mini writing tablet are perfect for taking some quick notes. Comes in 2 color: blue and pink. East set has 4 tablets, each with 35 sheets.

4.) Foam Book Marks
Gotta encourage students to read! Here's a great prize for your prize books. You'll get 2 sets of bookmarks, each with 8 bookmarks with a 6 inch ruler.

5.) Foam Stickers
I put the Foam in foamtastic! (Seriously, i did!) Here you'll get bunch of foam shapes. Each set comes with a sticky back so you can add them to any project. Comes with many shapes including:
  • (1) Pack of Stars
  • (1) Pack of Racing Shapes
  • (1) Pack of Geometric Shapes
  • (2) Packs of Letters and Numbers
  • (2) Packs of Hands and Feet
  • (2) Packs of Sports Balls

6.) 6 Mini Cases
Just where are you gonna put all those foam shapes? In their own mini case of course! There are 6 cases, one for each type of foam sticker (minus the bookmarks).

7.) $10 TPT Gift Card
Rounding out the gifts, aside from the lovely blue basket it all comes in, is a $10 TPT gift card. Shop anywhere on Teachers Pay Teachers for your favorite classroom materials.

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Enter today! Giveaway ends April 17, 2016! 


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