08 April 2016

April Monthly Newsletter

Happy April! Easter came and went. What happened to all the time? Sooner or later, it will be time for testing and the end of the year! Time flies when your learning. Here's what happening this month!

I was browsing around a store one day and found all these wonderful classroom accessories. I figured I can't use them all so I'll give them away to one lucky teacher! This includes a magnetic dry-erase To-Do list, magnetic dry-erase weekly task list, 2 grocery lists, numerous sets of foam shapes including letters, shapes, hands, feet, stars, and much, much more. Check out my blog post for all the details. You can enter daily on my facebook or online here.

My monthly sale is April 15 (Tax Day) through April 17th. Great time to buy test prep games for the coming End of Grade tests and assessments.

Click to get it!

Last by not least, your monthly freebie. We're back to Kindergarten and we're having some Carnival fun! Addition and Subtraction word problems are this month's theme. Be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get the mini powerpoint game companions.

Until then, Happy April!

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