20 January 2015

Photo Contest Begins!

As some of you know (or may not know) I'm currently not teaching at the moment due a seizure I had in July. There are a few things I miss about being in the classroom. One of them is working with students. I still see them occasionally when I go out and they say they miss me, even though they're not in my class anymore. Another thing I miss is my own students using my products. They would ask me almost every day if we were going to play a Teacher vs Student game or a Jeopardy game. That's how Powerpoint Gaming came to be. I miss it so much, but have come up with a idea that can benefit me as well as you!

Ladies and gentleman, may I present the Classroom Photo Contest!

The rules are simple! Just submit 1 to 5 pictures by the 15th of every month. I will go through the entries and choose the best photo. The winner will receive a $25  Teachers Pay Teachers Gift certificate, a $10 shopping spree in my TPT Store, as well as a blog post about the picture.

Pictures can be students engaged in an activity, you and students playing a game, or even a bulletin board you've created using one of my products. The more picture you enter, the better your chances.

Each contest starts on the 20th of each month and ends the 15th of the following month. The 16th through 19th allows me to judge the entries, contact the winner, and prepare the post. The winner will be announced on the 20th along  with the start of a new entry cycle. You can enter once every month (unless you win, then you cannot enter the following month).


Pictures can by submitted by clicking on "Fun Giveaways" on the left side of the screen and clicking on "January Picture Submission Open!"

You can view the official rules and guidelines here.

So what are you waiting for! I wanna see my products in action!


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