23 January 2015

2,000 Comment Celebration!

I hit a huge milestone! 2,000 comments in my TPT store! I'm so excited I changed my blog design! It's been less than 1 year since I reached 1,000 votes. This is starting out to be a great year! I'm celebrating this weekend with Flash Freebies (via Facebook), sales, and giveaways! Let the festivities begin!
Flash Freebies!
Be sure you've liked me Facebook page and clicked "Get Notifications"! I'm going to a have a few daily flash freebies!
I"ll also be giving away a few powerpoint games too!
My TPT store will be on sale Jan. 24 through Jan. 26.
I've teamed up with 28 awesome TPTers to bring you 4 amazing prize packs!
K-2 Prize Pack #1

K-2 Prize Pack #2
3-5 Prize Pack #1

3-5 Prize Pack #2


If the rafflecopters are working, here are the links!
K-2 Prize Pack 1
K-2 Prize Pack 2

3-5 Prize Pack 1

3-5 Prize Pack 2
I'm so excited! Time to start celebrating!

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