18 February 2014

What kinda a week its been!

I started off last week with such a bang! I had to share it.

Sunday morning, I awoke and looked at my cellphone. It was Sunday, my best day for sales on TPT. I was shocked. 19 emails?! 19?! I had to sit up straight to make sure it was real. I looked at a say majority of was feedback for one of my freebies. That could only mean one things: One of my freebies made it into the weekly newsletter! Hallelujah! I had been trying for the past couple of weeks, nit really caring if I made it in or not (after weeks of trying with no success). I know it would help with sales, followers, and such. BOY DID IT EVER!
Here's the product that made it into the weekly newsletter.

Monday afternoon
Before Sunday, I have 67 followers and about 650 votes. By the end of the Monday, I had well over 100 followers and were up to 760 votes. Sales went up too.
Tuesday and Wednesday
I live in North Carolina so any mention of the word "snow" and our government shuts down. That's exactly what happened. It was nice to get some work done. Every once and a while. . . .
This was unexpected as well, but all the same a nice gift. We usually get paid around the 15th of each month so I wasn't expecting any payment yet. Like before, I got an email on my phone, stating "You've received money" from Paypal.  Needless to say, I was excited. It was the first time since we get paid monthly that I have had over $200 (short $5 of$300). I was so happy.
I made a  promise to myself that if I ever made to $200 or more, I would buy a premium account. And that's exactly what I did. The first thing I purchased was a premium account that, by now, has already paid for itself.
Also, sometime between Thursday and Tuesday,  I sold my 3,000 item. =)
This day isn't usually the best day for my sales. Nevertheless, I paid to promote one of my packets. I  had done Kindergarten before and it had done okay. It did excellent considering I now had a premium account and the sale cost was $10.  I ended up making more money on this one day alone than I have ant ANY other time, including site wide sales and black Friday.
On a more personal note, I live with my sister and her family. I have 2 beautiful nephews and 1 gorgeous niece. Since it's Valentine's Day weekend, the grandmother decided to take them for the weekend.  We had a Kid-Free weekend. That was nice too!
Saturday and Sunday
To end such a perfect week, I threw a sale. Now, I had planned this sale about a week and a half ago, before I knew my product was going to be in the newsletter. If I had known, I would have waited to send out my monthly newsletter, but I sent it out right before so I had not way to address my new followers. Hopefully, they're following me now! =)
I hit so many milestones this week that I'm planning a huge giveaway with multiple winners and multiple products. Check back here in a day or two. I'm gonna need some help planning this!
Hope you enjoyed reading about my wonderful week.
Class Dismissed!

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