08 February 2014

First times for me! - Purchases, Giveaways, and Collabrartive Boards

First Time Buyer
This has been as week of firsts for me. From buying something on Teacherspayteachers to joining a Collaborative board. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.

While working on a new powerpoint game, I was in need of some clock clip art. I had use one previously online for free, but I wanted something different. I felt like I was buying a car! There were so many different times of clip art. Finally, I came to Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah clip art. She has tons of wonderful clip art.

           She had clock clip art that was wonderful. I made my first purchase on TPT. Most of the time I search for free items, but this time, I'd figured it was time to start giving back to other teachers. Needless to say, the $3.50 maybe worth it. Check it out on the Powerpoint Game of the Week.

Part of a Giveaway
I am part of someone else's giveaway. I've never done that before and am kinda nervous. Even though it is not my own, I hope to generate for traffic towards all my pages. Entry is below,

Part of a Collaborative board
I joined a TPT collaborative board and boy, is it great. Yes, the many emails are annoying whenever someone else pins, but its a new way for me to get those products out there. I even had a product sold less than 12 hours of posting it. Gotta join some more and you should too!

Class dismissed!

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