Need help with a product? Here are a few answers if you need help with a powerpoint game.

Q: I have a  Smartboard/Promethean/Activboard. Will it still work?
A: Yes. I designed these games with each of these programs in mind. There should be no problem using the games for each type of board.

Q: I have the 97-2003 Powerpoint Program. Will it still work?
A: Most products will work with this program. Download a freebie to make sure it works. If you have issues, contact me and we will come up with a solution.

Q: I have a Mac. Will the games still work?
A: I create Mac/iPad versions of the powerpoint game. If it is not included in your purchase and need it, let me know and I can create it for you within a few hours.

Q: How do I type in scores?
A:To input score, simply click on the "00" and type in a score. It must be in "Slideshow Mode" in order to work. For touch scoreboards, simply touch/click on "0".
Q: Where is the answer key? Is it missing?
A: For my worksheets, most answer keys are included. You can create an answer key for powerpoint games by clicking print and changing "Slides" to "Handouts". This works for most games.

Q: I can see the answers to questions. Is it not loading right?
A: All my games must be played in "Slideshow Mode". When done so, the answers will be hidden until you click "Answer". The answer will then appear.

Q:When I click "Answer" nothing happens. Help!?
A: Again, all my games must be played in "Slideshow Mode". When done so, the answers will be appear when clicking answer. If not, please contact me and I will fix the problem.

Q:One of the problems is incorrect. How do I fix it?
A: If you know the correct answer, you  can fix it yourself by simply clicking on it and typing in the correct answer. If you are unsure of how to fix it, contact me and I will fix it immediately.

Q: I use the metric system. Can you change the measurement for me?
A: Of course! Please contact me and I will create a similar game made specifically with the metric system.

Q: It says "Macros must be enabled". What does that mean?
A: Macros is a program used within powerpoint to make certain actions work. For example, my flash cards use the macro "Random" in order for slides to be randomized.

If you need more help, please don't hesitate to email me! I'm available just about any time and will gladly help you with your powerpoint game!


  1. Do you have a PowerPoint comparing numbers to 20?

  2. Do you have a PowerPoint comparing numbers to 20?

    1. The 2 closest game I have go up to 10, however, if you'd like, I can make one for you immediately. Here are the 2 closest games.

      Comparing Groups to 10

      Comparing Numbers to 10 Balloon Popping Game



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