02 September 2016

What Wikipedia can't tell you about Homework Folders!

Homework, homework. HOMEWORK! What  can I say. It's what we as teacher use to assess students when they're not at school. Sometimes it can  be stressful. The better you manage it, the easier it will be for you! Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Homework folder.

1.) Buy a sturdy poly-folder!
As teachers, I know you're eyeballing those $0.17 (or even those $0.01) folders at the store. As tempting as it is to grab all of them some of them for your class, try getting more durable folders. Remember, these folders will be used all year long. Paper folders will tear about half way through the year (especially for those messy students). Grabbing the poly-folders will last so much longer.

2.) Include a Money pouch!
My nephew's teacher did this and I loved it! It's great for younger students, especially K-2. Buy a zipper pouch to place inside the folder. Add a label or write "Money Pouch" on it. This pouch is used to transfer money to and from school. Great for lunch money, book fair money, or any time a student needs to bring money to school.

3.) Include a daily behavior chart!
When I taught 2nd grade, I used to send home weekly progress reports every week. It was hassle to print them out and place them in individual folders. Now I include a monthly calendar with a daily record of the student's behavior. I use bingo daubers from the Dollar Tree to dauber the color the student is on. When my student helpers passes out homework, I daub folders during pack up. It's great because most students are on blue and only a few are one other colors. Also, students are not allowed to put the folder away until I daub their chart and check to see if their homework.

4.) Include a Reading log!
Every student should read each night. I usually have students read one of their library books or one of their Bag-Books. If they have neither, I have them practice their sight words. Adding a reading log can help you and their parents keep track of the books they are reading (and which of your books a student has). *Bonus* - If you don't think you need a money pouch, make it a reading pouch!

5.) Designate each side!
Most folders have two pockets. You can also purchase multi-pocket folders or create your own. Designate each side for certain papers. One side can be for homework and the other can be for take-home paper. You can label one side for Math and the other side for Reading. You can even glue an envelope on one side to hold sight words and flash cards.

6. Include a signature page!
Keep up with who's viewing the folder. One year I had a parent who always signed their child's homework every day. Having a parent or guardian sign the folder helps build the communication between school and home. You can even include a comment section to leave notes for parents or notes parents can write.

I hope these tips come in handy as your start your school year. Be on the lookout for those poly-folders as they tend to disappear the closer school starts. You can also pick up my Homework folder labels here.

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  1. Our first grade folders look much like this and have worked SOOOOOO well for many years! All great tips! ๐Ÿ˜„

  2. When I taught I implemented something very similar. Once you get everything started and organized, they are a great way to stay organized with homework and anything that needs to come back and forth to school. I LOVE your explanations and details of your ideas. Thank you for sharing this great post!!

  3. Great ideas for keeping home-school communications organized!



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