15 June 2016

June Monthly Newsletter

School is out! We made it, teachers! Time to prepare for next school. Here's what's happening this month!

Throughout the summer, I'll be working on updating older products. That means new covers, Mac-iPad versions added to ppt games, and worksheet updates! My goal it to get this all done before the new school year in August!

My monthly sale will be from June 17th to the 20th. Get some hot summer products and back to school forms!

I'll be heading to the TPT conference in July! I can't wait to go! If you're a TPT seller, I hope to see you there! I've also been asking TPT for a buyer's conference for those who aren't sellers, but would love to meet their favorite sellers. Let's hope one day they can make it happen!

 Crayon Box Freebie

Last but not least, your monthly freebie. I've changed things up a bit. Since I'm trying to update my store, I figured this month and next month, I'll offer some clip art. Here's one just for you!
See you next month!

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