20 January 2016

5 Fantastic Tricks & Tips - Using Sections

Welcome to my 5-part series of  "5 Fantastic Tricks & Tips". This series shows you some awesome tricks and tips for building your PowerPoint presentations. Posts go up every Wednesday. You can also check out the replay on Katch.me or at the bottom of the post.

Today, I'll show you all about using sections.

Just what is sectoins? Using sections in PowerPoint can be very useful, for both your classroom and your teacherspayteachers store. A PowerPoint can be divided into sections, allowing for easy access to certain slides, especially when there are multiple slides.

To create a section, simply right click on the slide panel and click "Add Section" at the bottom of the list.

You can create as many sections as you like. You can also rename sections too. This helps when creating flyers for different social media platform or for creating different product covers for a set. 

Simply right click on a section. Select "Rename Section" and rename the section. Simple!

Here's a great example. I make covers of all my game sets. Instead of having multiple ppts with different covers, I can simply file them all in one single PowerPoint.

You can easily collapse all the sections for a quick search and expand them when needed. You move sections up or down, or just drag-and-drop sections where needed. This makes it easy when you have to move 10+ slides. Right click on any open section and choose your options.

I hope these tips come in handy! They're a big space saver when you have so many different projects to do on PowerPoint and you want them all in one PowerPoint. Please share and comment if this was helpful! Don't forget to check out Part 1: Selection Pane.


  1. This is an extremely useful post! I can't wait to try it

  2. Great tip!! Thank you for sharing!! :D



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