15 November 2014

You Ought to Know About Livebinder!

You ought to know about this website I found that is wonderful and perfect for any teacher in any grade or subject. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Livebinder!
Before I start, I did update my blog. I spent about 2 weeks on it and I must say I am impressed with myself! Anyway, I taught in a 1:1 school. If your unfamiliar with that term, it means that every student in every grade has their own digital device, whether it's a laptop, netbook, or tablet. I taught 2nd so we had netbooks.
As a teacher with students having laptops, it was kinda frustrating to have my favorite bar full of 20+ links to websites. Don't even get me started on what my favorites folder actually looked like. During a professional development that was particularly useful, they introduced this website that acts as a favorites bar except its online! Yes, that means logging in, but after that, you can access your favorite websites from ANY computer!
For those who continue working at home (pretty much all of us!), it's frustrating to find a website you love and then get to work and totally forget the website address because we saved it to our home computer. Livebinder is the solution!
After signing up, you can create up to 10 binders with different links to websites. For elementary teachers, that's enough for each subject and then some! Take a look 2 binders I have created. The first binder is for the content areas.

In the first tab, I've added all the reading websites I have found while I was teaching. Most of them are free (Tumblebooks, Starfall) . Others require just a log (Houghton Miffin) . One or two of them you have to pay for (Grammaropolis, Speakaboos).

Best part of all: you don't have to open a new window! With most websites, you can explore the website from within Livebinder. That means no multiple tabs. You can jump from website to website in just one binder.

You can even browse other binders that others have created.

This tool is wonderful! I look for websites at home, add them to Livebinder, and access them on my school computer. I simply keep Livebinder on my favorites bar! I hope Livebinder is as great for you as it is for me!



  1. I've seen LiveBinders, but have never used them. I think you've inspired me! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. This would be great for my classroom. We have a few computers and netbooks and I would love to categorize and organize all of the websites and resources that we use. Thanks for sharing!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

    1. I couldn't decide which to write about: Livebinder or Symbaloo. Livebinder is great for teachers. Symbaloo is great doe students, especially if you want them to go to websites on their own devices. Maybe I'll write about Symbaloo next time! =)

  3. Love this idea! I will have to try it one day =) I hate it when my internet browser is messy and then it takes me hours to find all the sites I have bookmarked and whatnot.

    A LoveLi Class



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