18 November 2014

Blog Design Tutorial: Guide

 I promised to share with you all how I designed my blog. I will tell you upfront that you will be frustrated at some point during the process so having patience is important. If you get angry and think you can't take it anymore, throw your computer out the window.\ stop and take a break. It took me 2 weeks to complete it, only because I had to find websites with codes that actually worked. Here, I will provide you with the codes so it may take only a day or two, depending on what you want and how long you have to work on it.
I've broken down my blog design into different sections. It is broken down as followed:
  1. Guide
  2. Getting Started
    1. Design in mind
    2. Photos, Clip Art, and Font
    3. Templates
    4. Layouts
  3. Layout Parts
    1. Header
    2. Post Area
    3. Sidebars
    4. Background
    5. Bottom
  4. Post Area
    1. Post Icon
    2. Signature
    3. "Posts you may like . . "
    4. Comment Area
    5. Post Divider
  5. Sidebar Area
    1. Headers
    2. Follow Me Buttons
    3. Grab My Button
    4. Other Sections
    5. Section Dividers
  6. Backgrounds
    1. Simple Background
    2. Blog Border Color
    3. 2 Side Design Borders
  7. Bottom
    1. Bottom Blog Logo
    2. Back to the Top Button
  8. Other Tips and Tricks
    1. No Photo Shadows
    2. Pinterest Hover Button
As I write out the posts, I will hyperlink each section at the top so you can easily find it from this post. I will also hyperlink this post and it will also be at the bottom of every post about Blog Design. Some sections will be small. Others quite large. I will try to include as many pictures as I possibly can. You can expect a post from the tutorial at least twice a week.

I haven't decided if I want to tackle the "Page Ribbon" as it was 3 days of trial and error, but if you wish me to, I will.

Class Dismissed!


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